Football 2022: Brisbane Roar Fire Corey Brown, Release Bizarre 25-Word Statement Ahead of A-League Season

Brisbane Roar have hit back at Professional Footballers Australia in an escalating war of words between the three-time ALM champions and the players’ union over the increasingly controversial termination of Corey Brown’s contract.

Late Thursday night, the Roar issued a 25-word statement announcing the termination of Brown’s contract, which sparked a volatile reaction from the PFA, who accused the club of acting unprofessional. rice field.

The Roar hit back on Friday night, breaking its silence on why Brown’s contract was terminated, alleging “serious wrongdoing.”

“Cory Brown has been dismissed for gross misconduct and details of the conduct have been expressly provided to the player’s representatives, including the PFA,” a statement read Friday.

The club was then quoted in a statement Thursday night after the PFA and co-chief got the definitive Bo Bush.

“The PFA has since posted a statement on its website citing Co-Chief Executive Officer Beau Bush, which contains inappropriate and inaccurate statements regarding the way Brisbane Roar FC operates and Cory’s health concerns. It contained information,” the club said.

“These statements are completely rejected by the club.

“What the PFA doesn’t appreciate is that the club has a much broader duty of care to all players on the teams they play for. Corey isn’t the only one.

We clarified Mr Bo’s involvement in this investigation and the subsequent termination process, and made public the PFA’s position on the issue that left the club with no choice but to terminate the contract for gross misconduct. I ask you to declare to ”

The Roar have not previously revealed why they decided to drop the 28-year-old defender, who won the club’s Player of the Year award for the 2016-17 season, but will explain why if pushed by the PFA. You suggested that you publish it.

“The reasons for Corey’s dismissal have been clearly communicated to the PFA. However, the PFA and the club take opposing positions on the factual consequences of his dismissal,” the club said.

“If the PFA wishes to incite these issues into the public domain, the club is happy to ventilate these issues so that members and supporters can decide how the club has dealt with them.

“Regarding the balance of the post, the club believes the PFA will help them investigate their own issues rather than trying to deflect Brisbane Roar FC’s responsibilities without any justification.”

Brown, the son of former football loose striker Rod Brown, has contracted with the National Dispute Resolution Chamber (NDRC) for an independent commission to hear contract disputes with the Roar.

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The Australian professional footballer has slammed Brisbane Roar’s “misleading and bizarre” statement in announcing the termination of defender Corey Brown’s contract on Thursday night.

it comes after roar issued a curt statement announcing that Brown’s contract had been terminated by the club.

In a strange 25-word release, the club gave no reason why the 28-year-old defender’s contract was terminated.

“Brisbane Roar FC would like to inform you of the termination of the contract of defender Corey Brown. The club wishes him all the best for the future,” said a Roar statement.

Brown has 170 A-League men’s caps to his name. A career spanning 10 seasons.

he Debuted in the 2012-13 season with the Roarplayed 88 games before joining Melbourne Victory for the 2018-19 season.

He returned to the Roar midway through the next campaign and has been playing ever since.

In response to Roar’s statement, the PFA has labeled the three-time A-League men’s champions “a club that continues to operate well below the standards expected of a professional football club.”

The accusatory statement from the PFA included confirmation that Brown had initiated legal proceedings to contest the termination of the contract.

“As the club is aware, Cory has initiated legal proceedings to challenge the termination of the Brisbane Roar contract,” PFA co-chief executive Beau Busch said.

“As a result of this lawsuit, Cory’s contract will continue until a final decision is made.

“As the club continues to operate well below the standards expected of a professional football club, the main focus of the PFA is to protect Corey’s health, and the club seems to give little thought to this. ”

Football Australia confirmed on Friday that it had received Brown’s request to have the dispute over his contract heard by the National Dispute Resolution Chamber (NDRC).

The NDRC has jurisdiction to decide disputes between players and clubs regarding player status and transfers.

Brown was awarded the Gary Wilkins Medal as a player for the club during the 2016-17 season.

He did not feature in the penalty shootout in the Roar’s victory over Avondale FC in the Australian Cup tie on Wednesday night.

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Football 2022: Brisbane Roar Fire Corey Brown, Release Bizarre 25-Word Statement Ahead of A-League Season

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