For real progress, we must look to family-friendly measures

It is unlikely that progress will be made from the status quo (“Abbott was a working female friend.yes you read that right”, September 25). Jacqueline Maley rightly states that the federal excuse for expanding paid parental leave and parental leave “looks like nothing more than an excuse for maintaining the status quo,” noting the lasting damage such hesitation can cause. It’s time to recognize. If you’re struggling to fill vacancies in a context of historically low unemployment, it certainly makes sense to consider all the avenues available to leverage the resources already at your disposal. How easy would it be to increase the 62% female labor force participation rate? Engage more working mothers and unlock an existing workforce that is already trained and ready So look no further than these simple family-friendly measures. Don’t delay this opportunity for real progress.
Jennifer Nichols, Armadale (Vic)

Jacqueline Mayley is too kind to Tony Abbott by portraying him as a working woman friend. The same man who abolished the “low-income pension contribution” that benefited women working for Time.
Kon Weitzas, Ashbury

Reform for results

An interview with Fittsy by Treasurer Jim Chalmers (“Chalmers about Keating, Liquor, Bracelets and Tax Cuts, Sept. 25) speaks frequently with former treasurers Paul Keating and Wayne Swann (the two have about 16 years of experience between them), discussing the economic challenges ahead. It’s not bad to get lots of advice for managing tough times. Both Keating and Swann face immense financial challenges, and their experience is crucial to Chalmers. Chalmers is a softer version of Keating’s Charming Man, with the same charisma and out-of-the-box intellectual humor. What Chalmers needs to learn from both of these former labor accountants is their remarkable ability to continue reforms under difficult circumstances, and Chalmers is too far behind to give up Stage 3 tax cuts. If he does, I give Chalmers full marks.
Mukul Desai, Hunters Hill


Unfortunately, many pet owners do not train, monitor, or clean up their animals in their own homes.Promoting expansion of resident pet ownership”, September 25). If house tenancy laws are to be changed in favor of pet owners, great attention should be paid to liability and timeframes for thoroughly repairing damages of any kind. The stench lingers for a long time and is a real turn-off. Meredith Williams, Northmead

Right said Fed

Roger Federer will be remembered as much for his sportsmanship as his prowess (“Federer’s ‘perfect journey’ ends”, September 25). His respect for the game, opponents, officials and spectators has made him one of the most admired players in the history of tennis. Clearly, it’s possible for him to become a champion without behaving badly. Hopefully others will follow his example. Graham Lamb, North Rocks

kind minister

Parnell Palme McGuinness (“Selflessness is back in fashion‘, September 25) again hit the nail on the head, praising Anthony Albanese’s choice of words regarding Elizabeth R. Respect those in need and everyone. ” With this approach to his role, the Albanian would make a great prime minister.
Andrew Mackintosh, Cromer

For real progress, we must look to family-friendly measures

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