For those in quarantine, the new COVID-19 test will come into effect on day 11

The new COVID-19 test rules will come into force in Victoria from midnight tonight.

If the coronavirus case or the case itself is considered to be in close contact and a 14-day quarantine requirement is required, another COVID-19 test should be performed on day 11.

If you do not test alone after 10 days, you will need to complete another 10 days of quarantine.

“People who are considered close contacts by the Department of Health and Human Services must be tested for coronavirus on the 11th day of the quarantine period,” said Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews.

“The test itself is not mandatory, but if the person chooses not to take the coronavirus test on day 11 and confirms that there is no virus at that time, the mandatory quarantine period will be extended by another 10 days. Will be. “

Victorian companies had to take “all reasonable steps” to see if their customers were from Victoria and did not follow this rule, which is now part of the COVID Safe Plan. If you do, you will be fined $ 10,000.

Workers who are allowed to enter Victoria for employment will also be fined $ 5,000 if they do not “act properly.”

Andrews said on Sunday that if the state records more incidents this week, it is now “mathematically impossible” for Melbourne to reach its goal of relaxing more restrictions than previously expected by next Sunday. Said that.

In Victoria, 12 new cases of coronavirus occurred in the last 24 hours, one died in connection with elderly care, and the first death was recorded in 3 days.

Andrews said there were still “significant changes” to be announced on Sunday, October 19, but he said he was “not in a position to elaborate on what they would be.”

When asked about lifting restrictions that would prevent Melvernian from adventuring beyond a radius of 5 kilometers from his home, Andrews said that from October 19th, it would be relaxed “on the table … everything.” Is on the table. “

Place of originFor those in quarantine, the new COVID-19 test will come into effect on day 11

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