Former biker Shane Bowden executed on the Gold Coast

Police began manhunting overnight after the “execution” of a former biker on the Gold Coast.

Shane Bowden, 47, was shot many times in his car early Monday morning on the driveway at Pimperma’s home.

Queensland Police said a burned-out car was found nearby.

Two crime scenes have been set up. One is the unit complex on Cox Street in Pimperma, and the other is where the car was found in Ormeau.

Police police Brendan Smith said police were searching for “at least two men,” he told the media this morning.

“I believe the victim came home from the gym, was driven to the driveway, and the perpetrator rushed in and shot him many times,” said Supt Smith.

“Clearly he seems to be ambushed.”

It is understood that Bowden’s partner and two small children were at home at the time of the incident, but he had not witnessed a horrific shooting.

Police say they are looking for at least two men. One is dressed in dark and the other is dressed in light.

“There is no risk to the community,” Smith said, as it was believed to be a Mongolian incident after being reportedly “kicked out” by the gang earlier this year.

“You live by type and you die by type,” Sapt Smith said.

Bowden was recently talked about when he was accused of lying to the Border Declaration when he returned from Melbourne to Queensland. Previously it was positive for COVID-19.

He was once a member of Finks’ “terrorist team” and was responsible for shooting Christopher Hudson in the infamous Ballroom Blitzkrieg.

In March 2006, three men were shot dead and three more stabbed when Finks members attacked a rival Hells Angels biker in the Royal Pines Resort ballroom.

In 2008, Bowden was sentenced to six and a half years in prison for his role in a melee attack that cost more than $ 10,000 in front of 1800 spectators.

A few weeks after being released from prison in July this year, Bowden was targeted for drive-by shooting in Melbourne in July and was shot in the leg.

He said when he returned to Queensland in August Courier-mail He wanted to go home to recover from his injury.

I will come more.

Place of originFormer biker Shane Bowden executed on the Gold Coast

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