Former employee currently working for Deputy Prime Minister

Mr. Vassy left the office and took the USB home. She eventually returned the USB to him, and at a later barbecue he told her that the USB stick “had an unfortunate accident in the paddock.”

“They don’t want me to find it, as they hide in the office,” Ms. Wassy told Inquiries on October 7.

Mr. Vassy worked at the former Wagga Wagga MP Darryl Brickwood

“I made a very bad choice.”

She answered “yes” when asked if she believed the scenario would have a negative impact on her.

Since 2018, Ms. Vasi has been employed by Mr. McCormack’s Libalina constituency office in Wagga. She has been employed part-time for several months, according to local sources.


Asked by Herald A spokesman for the Federal Nationalist Party leader said she would continue to work, whether Ms. Vassy would continue to be hired by Mr. McCormack on revelation, and whether she would maintain her confidence as an employee.

“It is not appropriate to comment further as the IACC investigation is underway,” said a spokesman.

Maguire, a local member of Wagga Wagga from 1999 until his expulsion almost 20 years later, faced IACC on Wednesday allegedly misusing his position as a civil servant to mediate commercial transactions.

Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian revealed in a Monday survey that she and Maguire have been in a “close personal relationship” for five years.

At IACC, Maguire used his position as a member of parliament to “monetize” parliamentarians for the financial benefit of himself and his associates, and as part of that, tens of thousands of dollars from the Chinese people. He admitted that he received a “success fee”. Of a cash scheme for visas.

Asked by Herald A spokesman for McCormack, who was first elected to the local seats in 2010, replied “no,” regardless of whether Maguire’s allegations had caught his attention.

When asked if McCormack knew what Maguire had instructed him to do before hiring Maguire, the spokesman replied “no.”

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Former employee currently working for Deputy Prime Minister

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