Former HSU boss Kathy Jackson pleads guilty to fraud

Jackson appeared in front of the court on Monday afternoon via a video link and pleaded guilty to monetary gains from deception after several days of discussions between her lawyer and the prosecutor over a judicial transaction. ..

Her approval means that in December last year Jackson could be reported guilty of two charges of financial gain from post-trial deception. She was acquitted of two other fraudulent charges and 18 theft charges.

The repression order prevented the media from reporting last year’s trial and verdict until Judge Fox lifted the order.

In total, the four claims account for $ 102,892 of HSU funds that Jackson claimed to have been entitled to by misusing credit cards and misleading union management regarding travel and personal expenses. In last year’s trial, prosecutors alleged that Jackson had stolen or scammed an additional $ 360,000 from the union, but she was acquitted on those charges.

Jackson did not respond when he was convicted on Monday. This was in contrast to her appearance in court last year when the jury left the room and hugged her supporters and lawyers.

Her hospitalization on Monday afternoon took place late. In the morning, Judge Fox warned that the indications of last week’s ruling would not apply beyond that date unless the case was resolved. If Jackson chose to bring the remaining two charges to trial, she faced the possibility of being imprisoned if she lost.

“If the problem is to be resolved in days, weeks, or months … the verdicts do not apply,” Judge Fox said.

Jackson is notorious for submitting evidence in court in an indictment against his predecessor, HSU Secretary of State, who left when Thomson was elected to the Commonwealth Labor Party.

Thomson was initially convicted of 65 fraud and theft charges by a justice of the peace in connection with using a $ 5,650 braided alloy to pay for prostitutes and travel expenses, but eventually 13 He was appealed for and was fined $ 25,000.

Jackson also issued a statement to police against Williamson, a former HSU boss and former national president of workers who had been imprisoned for five years for defrauding a nearly $ 1 million union in four years in 2014. did.

In her trial last year, Jackson filed evidence over several days, stating that she believed she had the right to charge travel and personal expenses for her work.

When asked if she stole from the union, she said.

“I’m completely overwhelmed by the fact that I’ve come to this position trying to do the right thing all the time.”

In 2015, a federal court repaid approximately $ 1.4 million to HSU after admitting that Jackson had used union funds to support the luxury lifestyle of overseas travel, luxury accommodation and fine dining. I ordered you to do it.

A federal court lawsuit found that Jackson spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on union funding for clothing, dinner, alcohol, groceries, holidays, and other personal expenses.

Judge Fox extended Jackson’s bail on Monday and made him appear at a pre-judgment hearing in November.

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