Former Republican candidate arrested for organizing shooting at Democrat’s home

No one was injured in the drive-by shooting, amid growing threats to members of Congress, school board members, election officials, and other government officials nationwide. Kansas began the trial this week of a man who claims prosecutors threatened to kill a lawmaker.

The New Mexico Republican Party said, “If Pena is found guilty, he must be prosecuted within the limits of the law.”

Solomon Peña was allegedly motivated by anger over his landslide defeat in November’s

Police said Pena had not been invited to the homes of two elected officials, but showed up with documents proving he had won the election. There was no evidence of widespread voter fraud or fraud involving enough votes to change the outcome in New Mexico in 2020 or 2022.

The criminal complaint includes testimony from confidential witnesses who said they had “personal and intimate knowledge of the crime” and were present at most of the attacks, and said Pena was a father and son with a criminal record of his own, and He said he hired two people. A brother not yet identified by authorities. In one of his messages, Pena complained that officials proving the November election “sold us out to the highest bidder.”

The shootings began on December 4, with eight shots being fired at the home of Bernalillo County Sheriff Adrian Balboa. A few days later, the home of state legislator Javier Martinez was targeted. On December 11, Bernalillo County Commissioner Debbie was shot more than a dozen times at his O’Malley home, according to police.

The last linked shooting, which targeted the home of state senator Linda Lopez, unfolded at midnight on Jan. 3. Police walked through the bedroom of her 10-year-old daughter as she slept, Lopez said. He said more than a dozen shots were fired, including one.

Witnesses said one of the men told the shooter to aim at a window. He said Pena was there to “ensure better target acquisition” for Lopez’s shooting.

Witnesses said Pena’s gun jammed and did not fire properly, while one of the other men fired multiple times into Lopez’s home from a Glock pistol.

Pena’s claim that men were more aggressive unsettled other participants. Officials said no such promises were made.

A lawyer for Pena who could comment on the allegations was not listed in court records Tuesday.

The shootings were “horrifying, not just from my personal perspective, but what we believed, and the fact that the democratic process by which our country was founded, would be targeted in such a way. said Martinez, a Democrat. The lawmaker said at a press conference on his first day as the highest-ranking House speaker.

“I can’t wait to bring the temperature down. These are the things that can happen when the rhetoric gets out of hand,” Martinez said.

Democratic-controlled states have been careful for years not to violate the right to bear arms. In Albuquerque, authorities are struggling to cope with escalating gun violence and consecutive years of record killings.

Detectives used a combination of cell phone and vehicle records, interviews with witnesses, and an ammunition case collected near the victim’s home to identify Pena as a prime suspect.

Technology that could detect gunshots led police officers to Lopez’s neighborhood shortly after the shots were fired.


Officers found bullet casings matching the handgun found later that morning in a Pena-registered Nissan Maxima. At about 1:30 am, about an hour after the shooting at Lopez’s home, police stopped the Nissan about 6 kilometers from the lawmaker’s neighborhood.

The driver, identified as Jose Trujillo, was arrested on an outstanding warrant, and more than 800 fentanyl pills and two firearms were found in the vehicle.

Authorities said on Tuesday that an investigation was ongoing and more arrests were expected.

Former Republican candidate arrested for organizing shooting at Democrat’s home

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