Former wife Maureen was deeply involved in local politics

Cr Braid said he hadn’t seen Ms. Maguire since she moved to Queensland, but said she was talking about plans to leave the area after the split, although she didn’t go into the details of the marriage.


“She was a woman who didn’t say anything about that,” she said.

Shirley Clark, a former president of the Wagga Wagga Women’s Branch of the Liberal Party, said Ms. Maguire was a devoted volunteer and praised by many in the region.

“The Maguire family was very much appreciated by Wagawoga,” she said.

Maguire’s since Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian of New South Wales revealed to the Independent Commission on Monday that he has a five-year close personal relationship with MP, who was forced to resign from the party. The details of family life have been highlighted. And from the office in 2018.

Ms. Beregikrian told the media earlier this week that she understood that Darryl and Maureen Maguire were separated when they began their relationship.

ICAC heard that Maguire was undergoing a divorce settlement in early 2018, which is expected to cost about $ 1 million.

Maureen Maguire.

Unnamed locals described Ms. Maguire as “a typical politician’s wife” and said she was “no longer seen” in the town at the time.

“The official party line was that they were still good friends,” the resident said.


“There were no accusations of unfaithfulness. Everyone just said.’It’s a shame, it’s politics. These things happen.'”

Maguire still lives in the property of the Wagga Wagga family with his son James, who faced a public inquiry last week.

James Maguire allegedly called his father’s former office after IACC police officers began raiding Maguire’s house and warned staff to destroy or delete the document.

Neighbor Kris Wolf rarely sees Darryl Maguire, who “looks pretty bad,” and James said he often “stops.”

In a maiden speech as a newly elected member of Wagga Wagga in 1999, Maguire thanked his ex-wife Maureen and his two children, and the family never diminished in their support and encouragement, a tireless campaign. Said that he has been working on.

Darryl Maguire in the IACC Witness Box on Wednesday.

Darryl Maguire in the IACC Witness Box on

“During the campaign, Maureen worked in the office, as many of your family did. She worked in typing, faxing, cleaning, cooking, preparing press releases, and reception. As you say. , My wife did that, “Maguire said.

“As a husband, I am very fortunate to have a wife who understands the need to pursue problems here and is willing to share her life with me and the general public.”

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Angus Thompson is an Urban Affairs Reporter at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Former wife Maureen was deeply involved in local politics

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