France appoints Ambassador Christoph Peno to new Indo-Pacific post

Australia has been regarded as a pioneer of Chinese relations with the West due to its proximity to China and its economic ties, but is now an important regional ally for international partners seeking to maintain rule-based order. Is considered to be. The United States has also significantly expanded its embassy presence in Australia after adding more than 12 positions to use Canberra as a base for operations in the Indo-Pacific region.


The coronavirus has caused European unrest over the actions of the Chinese government in Hong Kong, the treatment of Uighurs in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, military aggression in the South China Sea, and political interference.

In June, Penott warned that international norms were increasingly challenged and that this deconstruction would “probably accelerate in the current COVID crisis.”

“France and Australia have a special responsibility to ensure that the post-COVID world does not deteriorate and, if possible, be better than its predecessor,” he said.

France has over $ 176 billion in foreign direct investment across the Indo-Pacific, which stretches from the African coast to the Coral Sea and includes the territory of France, which is home to 1.6 million people. The region accounts for 17% of France’s exports and 14% of its imports. Paris’ Indo-Pacific strategy states that “the center of gravity of the world economy has shifted from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.”

Parley told the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore last year that trade wars, technology wars and verbal wars are “just the beginning” of the sharp decline in international affairs.

“You don’t need Kissinger to see the components of global conflict materialize here in Asia,” she said.

“History is full of great competition for power. The slowly assembled part of tragedy does not mean that tragedy is inevitable, but pretends that the loom ignores what is useless.”

France is the latest European power to change the way we look at China and its territories. In September, Germany, Europe’s largest economy, had a long-standing strong relationship with Beijing and announced its first Indo-Pacific strategy focused on increasing diplomatic pressure on China.

“We want to help shape [the global order] It is based on rules and international cooperation, not on the laws of the strong. “

Eryk Bagshaw is a Chinese correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Due to travel restrictions, he is currently based in Canberra.

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France appoints Ambassador Christoph Peno to new Indo-Pacific post

Source link France appoints Ambassador Christoph Peno to new Indo-Pacific post

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