Frecklington refuses referral to election observer

“When it comes to private dinners, I always attend dinners. I’m a politician,” she said. “Forbidden donors can participate in fundraising events, but cannot donate.

“I support my integrity.”

Frecklington said he was “100%” confident that no developer tried to circumvent the rule by donating through a third party.

“Everyone is in compliance with the rules,” she said.

The Labor government passed a law in 2018, banning real estate developers from donating money to state and local government politicians, candidates, and political parties, dating back to before the 2017 Queensland elections.

“Because the donation law enforced by Labor is complex, the party regularly seeks advice from the ECQ,” Clinton said.

“There are various things that the party advised me. [on], They write to ECQ to ask for that advice, and there is nothing wrong with it. “

Nineteen days after the state poll, Mr. Clinton’s campaign on Tuesday was in jeopardy prior to a fundraising lunch with the prime minister later that day.

“Crisis is a conservative expression. It’s a mess,” said a source close to the campaign. Brisbane Times.

An LNP spokesman said Ms. Clinton had not been introduced to the ECQ by the party.

“ABC’s claim that LNP introduced Fat Clinton to ECQ is false. It’s not,” he said.

“LNP will contact ECQ on a regular basis to ensure compliance with the law.”

The ECQ refused to comment on this issue or provide details on the number of book complaints because of confidentiality.

“The ECQ considers the issue of compliance with banned donor laws serious and actively monitors the activities of all election participants, discloses donations and identifies potential breaches. “It is,” said a spokesman.

“ECQ takes the position that inspections or investigations that may or may not be in progress are confidential.

“This provides the opportunity to escalate perceived issues to relevant agencies as needed, with or without external commentary that may impair results.”

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Lydia Lynch is a political reporter in Queensland, Brisbane Times.

Jocelyn Garcia is a journalist at Brisbane Times and has the latest news.

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