Frecklington vows to scrutinize Qld’s border exemption unit if elected

Deputy Prime Minister Stephen Miles said border exemption units created “from scratch” to deal with highly delicate situations deserve criticism.

“We have dramatically expanded that unit,” he said. “Over time, the number has increased from 40 to 80, and now it is 115.

“The team is doing their best and does not deserve criticism from Fat Frecklinton.

“I also don’t think politicians should try to tell them what decisions they should make.

“They are clinicians who make clinical decisions based on the health and circumstances of the individual, not the potential for a good political acquisition of the campaign.”

In Queensland, there were zero cases overnight and a new case count of three in the last two weeks.

Currently, there are a total of four active cases in the state, but the total number since the pandemic began remains at 1161, with 1,157,573 tests completed.

Miles said the World Health Organization has recorded 383,359 confirmed cases in the last 24 hours and is pleased with the results compared to other parts of the world.

“We were only able to deal with this pandemic because the government spent six years rebuilding front-line services,” he said.

The update took place on Saturday after 131 Townsville people went forward for testing after a positive COVID-19 sewage test.

“We will continue to test wastewater, and hopefully we will get negative results, and that’s all clear,” Miles said.

“But that’s why we’re concerned because I think they were 160 days or so after they filed a proceeding in Townsville when I was last in Townsville.”

-With Toby Crockford

Jocelyn Garcia is a journalist at Brisbane Times and has the latest news.

Lydia Lynch is a political reporter in Queensland, Brisbane Times.

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Place of originFrecklington vows to scrutinize Qld’s border exemption unit if elected

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