Freelee the Banana Girl reveals insane daily meals on TikTok

Famous for burning other people’s diets, Australian vegans puzzled her followers after sharing a typical day of “eating raw food.”

Freelee the Banana Girl, real name Leanne Ratcliffe, has more than 770,000 subscribers on YouTube and is famous for sharing extreme diets, most of which eat uncooked food.

However, she recently joined TikTok and shared a video that has been watched over 3.6 million times. There, starting with half of the watermelon, she revealed what she normally eats a day.

Lean then got more fruit and ate four ice cream bananas grown on the land of North Queensland as a “snack.”

Lunch was more fruity and a “nice” cream. As you can imagine, “it’s banana-based and comes from a local company.”

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“For the afternoon snack, I ate these really juicy and delicious organic Turkish figs. A great source of iron,” Lean said. “Then I chose papaya from one of our trees, and it was like apricot jam.”

At the end of the day, Lean ate the first cooked meal of the day.

“For dinner, I made this wonderful coconut curry, coconut from the property-it was really really delicious and a lot of curry spices,” she said.

She then ate “Dessert Dorian” and explained that the raw food diet had “about 2700” calories.

Thousands of comments were received on Leanne’s video, and many disagreed about her diet.

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“Where is the diet? These are snacks. Where are the carbohydrates? Are they all fruits and vegetables? Where is the water?” Written by one person.

“I drink water, which is what I eat in a day. Where are the carbs? That day is about 75% of the calories in carbs,” Leanne wrote back.

“It’s a protein deficiency for me,” while another ironically commented.

“I’m vegan … most of your diet is fruit. Where are the beans, rice, legumes, vegetables, and other nuts,” another person writes.

Others said the diet was achievable or impractical, and one commented, “How can I afford it, what do you do as a career?”

However, some people defended her diet, saying it was exciting and “everything looks great.”

“Thanks to you, I went to vegan three years ago and I was happier, healthier and healthier than ever. Stay queen,” wrote one.

“Why do you judge her when you survived with iced coffee and cheetos?” Another comment.

Benefits and benefits of veganism

Although following a healthy plant-based diet has proven to have the lowest risk of heart disease, a study published at Harvard Health Publishing at Harvard Medical School in 2017 found an unhealthy plant-based diet. People who follow the therapy (fruit juice, refined grains, fried foods, sugar) -sweet drinks — significantly higher risk of heart disease.

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