Freshmen selected for the 4th Magic Quadrant of the Year

Freshworks’ Freshservice products are included as a niche player in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant, an IT service management tool.

This year, Gartner also acknowledged Freshworks for offering fresh sales in the Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management and the Magic Quadrant for Salesforce Automation, and for offering a fresh desk in the Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Center, dubbed Visionary. It was. – This means that you will be included in 4 Gartner Magic Quadrants in a year.

This fourth analyst-based survey follows Freshworks’ recognition in Gartner’s survey based on user-generated content.

Freshworks was recognized in 2019 in three Gartner’Voice of the Customer’ reports: CRM Customer Engagement Center, Sales Force Automation, and IT Service Management Tool. The latter aggregated the findings over hundreds of customer reviews.

According to the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant, an IT service management tool, “The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the need for robust ITSM tools to enable I & O to effectively respond to significant disruptions in several ways. I made it. ”

“We believe that Gartner’s continued awareness of Freshworks reflects our willingness to build powerful software that delivers outstanding results across our employee and customer engagement product portfolio. “Prakash Ramammurthy, Chief Product Officer of Freshworks, said.

“Especially when the pandemic broke out in March, companies turned to Freshworks to help them move quickly to digital and remote solutions that provide employees with a great experience and good service to their customers. It was. ”

Gartner said global IT spending “is projected to total $ 3.9 trillion in 2020, up 3.4% from 2019. Software is the fastest growing key market of the year, double-digit at 10.5%. It will reach growth. ”

Freshworks continues to grow tremendously throughout its portfolio, with more than 40,000 companies using Freshworks SaaS products to improve employee and customer engagement and service.

To stimulate further demand and increase its utility to the enterprise, Freshworks acquired AnswerIQ earlier this year to enhance its AI capabilities.

The company also acquired the IT orchestration and cloud management platform Flint to enhance the visibility and automation of Freshservice.

“When a pandemic occurred, our IT team had a 250% increase in inquiries from employees who were suddenly forced to navigate computer problems from their home office. By adopting Fresh Services, We were able to cut response and resolution times in half and increase employee satisfaction from 60% to 70% to 90%, “said Ali Chitsaz, Head of Global Client Experience, Tailor Made.

Freshmen selected for the 4th Magic Quadrant of the Year

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