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Former White House senior adviser Jared Kushner went rogue when he told then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he supported the Trump administration’s plan to annex most of the West Bank, says former White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner argues in his new book.

Kushner’s account appears to contradict Friedman, who in his own memoirs claimed to be in step with Kushner on the issue of annexation, which he personally supported.

“On the accusation that I was running my own agenda with Netanyahu [applying Israeli] sovereignty [to parts of the West Bank] Never tell the president, never tell anyone against Jared’s wishes, 100% lie, 100% lie,” Friedman told the Times of Israel in February.

But Kushner tells a different story Breaking History: White House Memoirsscheduled to be released on August 23.

Netanyahu used his speech at the White House announcement of the Trump peace plan in January 2020, making him the first world leader whose president recognized Israel’s sovereignty over much of the West Bank. became, and consequently Israel’s move to annex all West Bank settlements and the Jordan Valley.

“This was not what we bargained for,” Kushner wrote.

“I squeezed the chair so hard that my knuckles turned white, as if I could stop Bibi. I explicitly asked the Israeli ambassador [to the US] Ron Dahmer made sure that Bibi kept her remarks brief and over the politics of the day,” continues Kushner. It contained nothing lenient and conciliatory to the president, which was essentially an election speech for his domestic political audience and misrepresented our plans. ”

Kushner wrote with concern that the annexation pledge would undermine his efforts to gain support for the peace plan from the Arab countries that sent ambassadors to the ceremony.

“I explained the peace plan to them and promised: [then-US president Donald] Trump will present a dignified and balanced proposal. But it certainly wasn’t the deal Bibi was describing,” Kushner wrote.

“If the rollout is going according to plan, [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud] Abbas in an impossible position. Reacting harshly to credible proposals would alienate him further, exposing the emptiness of his position. I was giving you that kind of opportunity.

“After all, Ambassador David Friedman promised Bibi that he would get the White House to support annexation more quickly. He had not communicated this to me or anyone on my team,” Kushner wrote. I’m here.

He then wrote that he had a confrontation with Friedman, who he claimed had accurately worded Trump’s proposal. He told Friedman that he ignored the broader implications of Netanyahu’s allegations.

“‘You’ve never spoken to anyone from a country other than Israel,’ I retorted. You don’t have to deal with us, I have to deal with the ramifications of this, you won’t,” he wrote.

Friedman began to recognize the damage Netanyahu’s speech caused and indicated he was ready to retract it, writes Kushner.

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Friedman went rogue – Australian Jewish News

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