From crooked cops who gave criminals a green light to politicians in their pockets

A bottle of rotten MPs Eddie Obeid and Ian McDonald and Grange

Former Labor Minister Eddie Obeid has been corrupt since 2002 after he has abused his position to affect civil servants who have considered and granted leasing of cafes and mining to benefit their families. It is the subject of several IACC surveys that have been found to be present. Those benefits included a cafe lease in Circular Quay and a mining lease in Bylong Valley.

Corruption observers have confirmed that Obeid and former energy minister Ian McDonald have acted fraudulently in 2008 by agreeing to build a mine tenement house on the Obeid family’s farm on Mount Penny in the Bylong Valley. discovered. With this decision, Obeid provided $ 30 million, promising an additional $ 30 million.

Former Labor Ministers Eddie Obeid and Ian Schuell

McDonald’s was also found to have cheated by accepting the services of prostitute Tiffany in return for arranging a meeting between businessman Ron Medici and a state-owned utility executive. The commission heard that McDonald’s “roughly kissed” Tiffany, who was paid $ 400, but didn’t have sex with her because he fell asleep.


Former liberal Prime Minister Barry O’Farrell resigned in 2014 after being victimized by the same IACC investigation. He later realized that he had false evidence of a $ 3000 grunge hermitage gift. There was no suggestion that Mr. O’Farrell had cheated, but he voluntarily resigned because he couldn’t remember the gift. New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Beregikrian was on the list of ministerial candidates to replace him.

Sex scandal for development with Wollongong Council

ICAC unveiled a sex scandal at the Wollongong City Council for development involving city planner Beth Morgan and her ex-girlfriend developer Frank Velar.

It turns out that Ms Morgan has treated Mr Vellar’s development applications in a positive way. The former councilor was also found to have taken fraudulent actions by leaking confidential information to Mr. Velar, voting in favor of his development proposal, seeking political contributions, and concealing his financial relationship with him.

ICAC Commissioner Jerrold Cripps, QC, said in 2008 that IACC’s detection of corruption within five levels of public sector organizations in New South Wales was “unprecedented.”

Neddy Smith whistles police corruption

The ICAC’s main witness, the underworld figure Arthur Stanley’Neddy’ Smith, helped uncover corruption in the relationship between NSW police officers and criminals.

Neddy Smith.

Neddy Pierce

Smith testified that he had been given police “protection” at his criminal enterprise since 1976 and had received a “green light” since 1981.

IACC Chief Ian Tenby (QC) then said in 1994 that Smith was helped and informed by various police officers, took care of him when prosecuted or intimidated, and was obliged to swear I concluded that I acted in violation of.

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Anna Patty is a senior writer at The Sydney Morning Herald with a focus on higher education. She is a former workplace editor, education editor, state political reporter, and health reporter.

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