Fruit and vegetable prices drop, a sign of relief for shoppers

Some relief for Australians at last shopper As extremely high prices for fruits and vegetables begin to return to reality.

Massive flooding and supply chain disruptions have led to shortages of products such as iceberg lettuce, causing prices to skyrocket in recent months and prompting fast food giants such as KFC and Subway to use cabbage in their products instead. I was.

But Fred Harrison of Melbourne’s Ritchies IGA said things were looking up.

After weeks of record-breaking ticket prices, some fresh food prices are finally trending downwards. (attached)

“I think the weather has a lot to do with it,” he said.

“The rain seems to have stopped, the crops are growing, bringing warmer weather, which will continue to help.”

Red and green peppers, like zucchini, are down a few dollars per kilogram, he said.

iceberg lettuce
Iceberg lettuce is retreating from previous highs. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

“Lettuce prices are coming back. I remember stories about lettuce going to $12 and back to $7 and broccoli going down a few dollars a kilo,” Harrison told Today.

However, he admitted that some products, such as tomatoes and green beans, will remain stubbornly overpriced.

Corn was also said to be “hard to come by”.

green beans
But green beans are still expensive. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

“The situation will improve once the weather is maintained and the crops are ready for harvest,” he said.

“The new pumpkin season is coming. Prices will drop in the next few weeks.”

Harrison said there’s reason for shoppers to feel a little optimistic after a terrifying year at checkouts.

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“We need to make sure agricultural prices continue to fall until Christmas, barring major rain disasters,” he said.

“Every week they sell for maybe $1 a box, $2 a box. Not a lot, but hopefully by October or November the price will go up significantly.”

Fruit and vegetable prices drop, a sign of relief for shoppers

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