Fujitsu’s new technology guarantees data trust between companies

Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a digital trust management technology that claims to guarantee the reliability of business data exchanged between businesses, government agencies, and other organizations.

This technology verifies when and by whom the data was created and whether the data has been tampered with, ensuring reliable data exchange and providing users with peace of mind.

Digital trust management technology automatically guarantees the reliability of data processed by multiple organizations involved in the approval process without changing the user interface of cloud services that customers, such as businesses and government agencies, interact with in their day-to-day operations. I can do it.

This technology allows Fujitsu’s unique service layer of trust (TaaS) to be installed in the cloud environment between the cloud service and the client device, automatically digitally signing and guaranteeing data that needs to be signed on behalf of the client device. Can be transparently reliable.

Fujitsu has also developed a TaaS authentication protocol that enables secure connectivity and management between cloud services, the TaaS layer, and client devices, while at the same time eliminating service user issues.

The company has verified that the business data approval process works properly when the TaaS layer is built on the cloud and used in combination with commercial cloud services without changing the user interface on the client device side.

This allows users to ensure the reliability of data for projects that span multiple departments within the company.

For example, if client devices from two organizations inside and outside the company use different cloud services in a telework environment, mediating the TaaS layer guarantees the originator of the created business data and provides it to other organizations. The receiving organization can: Verify the authenticity of your business data.

In addition, e-Seal allows organizations to ensure the credibility of their business data and the credibility of the person who created and approved the data.

In addition, the TaaS layer is based on digital signature technology that is effective in preventing spoofing attacks, helping to address the ever-increasing risk of business email breaches when interacting with new work styles. ..

Through the Japan Digital Trust Forum, Fujitsu will participate in the construction of a common architecture for TaaS, proceed with verification at the site where the newly developed technology is used, and aim for practical application.

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