Gaza clears debris, buries dead as ceasefire with Israel continues

On Monday, the shell-shattered Gazans sifted through the rubble of three deadly days of fighting between Israel and Islamic Jihad militants as a ceasefire was maintained and life slowly returned to normal. rice field.

Fierce fighting, which has killed 46 people, including 16 children and wounded 360 in the enclave, reached an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire late Sunday, bringing the death toll to 44, according to Gaza’s health ministry. and updated.

On Monday night, almost a day after the armistice began, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid delivered a televised address in which he said the artillery strikes had “devastated the enemy” and added that “the entire Islamic Jihad High Military Command in Gaza has been destroyed.” was successfully completed,” he said. Targeted. “

“We received the news of the ceasefire with joy and joy and went back to work,” said Gaza shopkeeper Hazem Dwyma. “We didn’t want any more bloodshed.”

At a funeral attended by hundreds of mourners in Jabalia, northern Gaza, four minors killed in the civil war were buried by their families.

Israel claims that some of the civilian deaths, including children, were due to inadequate or unexploded Islamic Jihad rockets.

The suspension has raised concerns about the impact on hospitals that have suffered casualties during Gaza’s deadliest fighting since last year’s 11-day war with militants Hamas.

Eitan Cassandini, sitting in the cafe, said locals felt “very good”.

Three people were injured by shrapnel in Israel and 31 suffered minor injuries while running for safety, according to the emergency services.

US President Joe Biden welcomed the ceasefire and thanked Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi for Cairo’s role in brokering the ceasefire.

Israel said it needed to launch operations against Islamic Jihad.

In a speech alongside Rapid on Monday, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned that “if necessary, even in the future, we will launch a preemptive strike to protect Israeli civilians.”

The militants say 12 leaders and members have been killed, including Taisir al-Jabari and Khaled Mansur, but their supporters, Iran, say they will always “stand up for active resistance”. rice field.

They are named Bassem al-Saadi, a senior figure in the political wing of the group arrested in the occupied West Bank earlier last week, and Khalil Awaudeh, a militant who is also detained by Israel. .

Since taking control of the enclave in 2007, Hamas has fought four wars with Israel, including one in May last year.


first published as Gaza clears debris, buries dead as ceasefire with Israel continues

Gaza clears debris, buries dead as ceasefire with Israel continues

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