Gemma Salmon’s family calls for NRL action after Ricky Stewart’s ‘dog with weak guts’ comments

Jayman Salmon’s family has called on the NRL to take action against Penrith playmaker Ricky Stewart after the Canberra coach called him a ‘visceral dog’.

Stuart apologized on Sunday after making comments at the post-game press conference, claiming he was speaking as a father and not as a coach during the outburst.

The feud is believed to be related to a dispute over ten years ago when Salmon and Stuart’s sons were playing football on the same team at Cronulla’s junior competition.

Matters boiled over again when Stuart was asked about Salmon appearing to hit his leg hard with a tackle, his boot leading to Raider Tom Sterling’s crotch and face.

Stuart’s comments in Canberra came as emotions ran high as the Raiders struggled to finish in the top eight of the NRL following a 26-6 loss to the Panthers.

“I regret saying what I did on that platform after the game,” Stuart said in a statement Sunday.

“I was speaking as a father, not as a football coach. My reaction was to a family situation that I thought I had dealt with. Clearly, I haven’t.”

“I let my emotions get the better of me. Sorry about that.

“There is an untouched history between Jeman Salmon and my family.

“I shouldn’t have brought it up after the game, but it made me better. I’m really sorry.”

Salmon’s family, in choosing to take legal action against Stuart, was far from impressed.

Ricky Stewart called Jayman Salmon “a dog with weak guts” after Saturday night’s game.(Getty Images: Mark Evans)

“After a great football game for the Panthers and son Jayman, we were disappointed with Canberra Raiders manager Ricky Stewart’s comments,” the family said in a statement.

“I was surprised by Ricky’s claim that he knew Geman personally, as I hadn’t spoken to him since he was 12.

“We are calling on the NRL to take action because we believe Geman has been wronged in this situation.

“We will follow the correct procedures and let the NRL complete a thorough investigation.”

The 23-year-old was found guilty of first-degree misconduct in an on-field incident by a game jury on Sunday and fined $1,000 for an early guilty plea.

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo also confirmed that this was an Integrity Unit issue.

Stuart has been fined more than $100,000 throughout his coaching career, and some speculate his recent comments could lead to a suspension.

“The comments are clearly disappointing and we will take a closer look at them,” Abdo told Sky Sports Radio.

“This is a living issue and obviously very serious. We’re going to look at it and get all the facts.

“Whenever we have an issue like this, we ask the Integrity Unit to investigate.

“Of course, as a decision maker, I have to involve myself and talk to each party as well.”


Gemma Salmon’s family calls for NRL action after Ricky Stewart’s ‘dog with weak guts’ comments

Source link Gemma Salmon’s family calls for NRL action after Ricky Stewart’s ‘dog with weak guts’ comments

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