Genesis GV60 GV60 AWD LUX: Luxury SUV review

This past week, I had the pleasure of driving the new all-electric Genesis GV60 SUV. It is the first dedicated EV under the Genesis brand, Hyundai’s luxury vehicle division. This particular car is E-GMP (Electric car platform) and much of its appearance is also similar to the Hyundai IONIQ 5 (which I tested earlier) and the Kia EV6.

This is not a hybrid vehicle. Genesis GV60 Rechargeable at home, very slowly at a normal power point or charging station. With a range of 470km on a full charge, the fast charging feature can recharge the battery from 10% to 80% in just 18 hours, making it easy to ‘top up’ and keep going. minutes (at the Chargefox station).

I test drove the GV60 AWD LUX in Hanauma mint color. It features a beautiful off-white interior with gray and green accents. It’s a gorgeous color and comes equipped with a ridiculous amount of bells and whistles.


Some of the notable features of this Luxury EV It includes a spacious flat floor, a camera that provides a 360-degree view for parking assistance, a head-up display on the windshield showing speed, a large touchscreen display, digital side mirrors, heated/cooled seats and a massage driver seat.

digital side mirror

Digital side mirrors are cameras that stick out from the side of your car and replace your regular mirrors. Inside the car, there are displays (mounted in the doors) that provide the same vision as the mirrors. I found these to provide incredible clarity, but when I glanced through them, I felt like I had less forward and peripheral vision as opposed to good old mirrors. Definitely a useful feature to get used to, it also includes a pop-up visual alert that provides brighter visuals at night and notifies you if your car is in your blind spot.

The huge display includes CarPlay support, built-in maps, and other digital controls, but the GV60 offers a wealth of traditional physical button controls that come in very handy while driving.

massage seat

I found the massage feature called “Ergo Motion Seat” interesting, and it has three different settings.

You can switch between these modes with the push of a button, gently exercising your hips, thighs, or lower back muscles while driving. This improves comfort and reduces driver fatigue. It’s so gentle that I don’t think it’s a shiatsu massager, but I’m happy that it moves even when I’m sitting still for a long time.

crystal ball shifter

I also love the gorgeous crystal ball shifter in the center console. When the car is turned off, it sits there as a unique and eye-catching design feature, but when the car is turned on, it rotates 180 degrees and becomes a rotary shifter (putting the car in reverse, neutral, or drive). For).

Impressions of driving

An interesting argument commonly used against EVs is that they lack the aggressive engine sounds of gasoline vehicles. In this case, however, his luxury GV60 leans towards its quiet design, made for those who prefer to drive while relaxing in blissful silence.

Car noise cancellation prevents typical road traffic noise and other external sounds from being easily heard inside the vehicle. I found this really enjoyable, especially after a long day at work.

However, for those who prefer sound, you can blast tunes through a Bang & Olufsen branded speaker system, or turn on a variety of fake car acceleration sounds that provide a regular or futuristic-sounding hum while driving. increase.

back seat and trunk

For the comfort of rear-seat passengers, the left and right rear doors are equipped with personal cup holders, heated seats, side air conditioning vents, built-in window shades, two USB-C ports in the center console, and handbag storage. I’m here. under the center console. But one of my favorite features of this car is his 3 pin power outlet built into the car near the bottom of the back seat. So passengers can charge laptops etc. while on the go.

This insane convenience is because this is an electric car. In addition to this, there is also his V2L that allows you to connect any kind of electronic device to the charging sockets on the outside of the car. This means it can run generators, mini-fridges, and even game consoles.

Overall, I liked the rear-seat experience, but the headroom was a bit on the low end. surprised.

Moved to the back, the cargo space is ample for carting household items or packing for the holidays. However, it hardly fits golf clubs. They squeeze, but it’s a seriously snug fit, probably a little tighter than avid golfers would prefer. is likely to play golf.


Pricing for the Genesis GV60 starts at $103,700, which does not include drive-away costs or additional surcharges such as interior seat color customization or performance upgrades. At this point I have to say it’s out of my price range, but it was certainly fun to drive.

The only thing worth noting is that there are some cars that compete in this price range at lower costs, like the Hyundai IONIQ 5, but this car is a high-end luxury experience.

With the GV60’s heated/cooled seats, plus massage seat functionality, USB-C ports, heads-up displays, power points under the rear seats, and V2L functionality, it’s a great car to own. More importantly, it drives smooth and boasts attractive 21-inch alloy wheels.

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Genesis GV60 GV60 AWD LUX: Luxury SUV review

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