Georgia and Carter gain immunity as junior master chef

Georgia and Carter were exempt from the first Mystery Box Challenge and Tuesday night elimination in tonight’s episode. Junior Master Chef..

Fourteen little chefs found beekeeping clothes under the mystery box and were able to collect the honey that is the ingredient of the chef’s hero themselves, giving both the kids and the judge Andialen a little thrill. It was. After that, I spent 75 minutes making a sweet and delicious dish with honey as the main flavor.

Throughout the episode, Georgia declared herself not a honey fan and admitted that she had never tried to make a honey trifle before. “I don’t like honey, and I don’t like cooking with it,” she said at the beginning of the episode. “Welcome chef“,” Andy replied, Deadpan.

I panicked at the end of the dish because I forgot to bake the pistachios, which are the “essential ingredients for putting this dish together.” But she was saved by offering her benchmate Ruby not only a pot to cook, but actually to bake them in a spare pot herself!It was another of those heartwarming moments of friendship that we came to expect chef, Big and small.

“It’s a competition, but Ruby was very kind to me!” Georgia said. “I hope she does well.” Angels! Everyone!

During the tasting, Georgia told the judge that he felt it might have been a bit “hurried”, but Jock Zonfriedro’s reaction to the dish revealed that it was nothing. “Georgia, I liked it! I thought it was absolutely delicious!” He said before admiring many components of the dish.

“The little things are light and bright, but more than that, it was a celebration of color riots and honey,” Melissa Leon praised Georgia’s cuisine when she announced her as one of the winners of immunity.

Carter also became the winner with his honey carrot cake. Melissa gave Andy a gentle roast while he seemed to like all the cakes he saw, but decisively tasted that he didn’t like cakes.

While cooking, Carter gathers calmly and is confident in his cooking, while being surrounded by other great chefs and tasting their delicious dishes, the victory can be meticulous. I said there is.

“Why can’t you make such a delicious carrot cake?” Ben said. Their fast friendship with these kids divides my ovaries in half!

“Carter, I’m really having a hard time finding something I don’t like about this cake,” Melissa told him in a tasting about how the cake brings out cozy winter memories. Andy beckoned Carter to the judge while Jock wanted a copy of the recipe, whispering to him that he had made a “really, really, really delicious cake.” “I loved cakes!”

“Jock said it was one of the best carrot cakes he had ever eaten — and he ate a lot of them,” Melissa said when giving Carter immunity. .. “And it was light and moist, and I thought the honey carrots and jammy apricots were the perfect accompaniment.”

Georgia and Carter will be safe in the gantry for tomorrow’s elimination, but Laura and Dev will have exclusive access to the immunity gong in the event of a problem.

Congratulations to Georgia and Carter!

Junior Master Chef It will be broadcast on Network 10 from Sunday to Tuesday. Join the Facebook group Pass the Popcorn and talk about all about reality TV.

Georgia and Carter gain immunity as junior master chef

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