German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has slammed the handling of billions of euros in tax fraud

Scholz reiterates that he cannot recall the three meetings he had with the Warburg chairman at the time, adding that as mayor he also met with other bank representatives.


The commission’s conservative opposition representative, Richard Zellmacker, said “the prime minister effectively refused to participate in the investigation today” and that Mr Scholz should be hypnotized to regain his lost memories. It was ironic.

“It all stinks so badly that it couldn’t have happened without political ramifications,” Zehlmacher told broadcaster n-tv before the hearing.

Seelmaecker said Scholz could be asked to testify before MPs for a third time as new findings from the investigation have just come to light.

The Chancellor’s popularity lags behind that of the Economy and Foreign Affairs Ministers, but the chances of the Chancellor doing a good job compared to an average of around 70% during the 16-year tenure of his predecessor, Angela Merkel. Only 58% of Germans think they do.

His Social Democrats (SPD) have slipped to third place in the polls, behind the opposition Conservatives and lower-level coalition partners the Greens.

Finance Minister Christian Lindner of the lower coalition, who is also lagging behind in the polls, endorsed the prime minister on Friday.

“Mr Olaf Scholz has always been a man of integrity, both when I was in the opposition and now in government, and now there is no reason to doubt it,” Lindner said. reinische post newspaper.

The prominent Green Party has remained silent on the incident after criticizing Scholz while in opposition.

A recent headline that prosecutors investigating the scheme in Hamburg found €200,000 in the coffers of a local politician from Scholz’s ruling Social Democrat party reignites suspicions of political intervention on behalf of the banks. I was allowed to.

Scholz denied knowledge of the cash or its origins and said he no longer had contact with the lawmakers involved.The lawmakers did not respond to a request for comment.

“I hold out hope that the speculation and innuendo may stop,” Scholz said. “They have no basis.”

The prime minister faced off against parliamentarians in Hamburg last year.

Gerhard Schick, director of the watchdog Finance Watch Germany and a former Green member of the Bundestag, said he did not believe Scholz’s forgetfulness.

“I think it’s a show and it hurts his credibility,” he said.

One of the prosecutor’s recent findings is that there is a discrepancy between a number of Hamburg authorities’ calendar entries referring to Warburgbank and “cum-ex” and a handful of emails on the topic. There is something. Der Spiegel The magazine wrote, citing the prosecutor’s report.

“This suggests targeted deletion (of emails),” Spiegel cited the report.


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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has slammed the handling of billions of euros in tax fraud

Source link German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has slammed the handling of billions of euros in tax fraud

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