Gladys Berejikrian acknowledges “close personal relationship” with former MP at IACC hearing

New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian has a “close personal relationship” with former government lawmaker Darryl Magwire, who kept in touch in less than a month, state corruption said. The prevention investigation heard.

Mr. Beregikrian also admitted that Mr. Magwire had told her about some of his business interests, and she presumed that the former Wagga Wagga MP had properly disclosed them.

The premiere on Monday appeared on the audiovisual link before the Anti-Corruption Independent Commission investigating Mr. Magwire.

He has been accused of using his public office and congressional resources to improperly benefit for G8way International, a company that he or Mr. Magwire is alleged to be “effectively managing.” I am.

Magwire was forced to resign from Beregikrian’s government in 2018 after hearing evidence in another IACC study that he had asked for payments to support real estate developers’ brokerage transactions.

Mr. Beregi Klean said he had a “personal attachment” to Mr. Magwire and that their relationship, which began in 2015, was obscured because she was a “very personal person.”

They last spoke on September 13, and less than a month later, Ms. Beregikrian stopped communicating only after agreeing to attend an IACC investigation.

Former NSWMP Darryl Magwire will be seen leaving Sydney’s NSW Independent Commission (ICAC) in 2018.


In the course of their relationship, Mr. Beregikrian admitted that Mr. Magwire frequently talked about his finances and was “obsessed” with them.

However, she denied her self-preservation attempts to keep herself away from certain details about Mr. Magwire’s affairs.

“I will never turn a blind eye to the misconduct I saw, or the responsibility I had to disclose any activity I thought was inconsistent with what Congressmen should do.” Mr. Beregikrian said. Contact Us.

“I think I wasn’t interested or thought what he was raising with me was fantasy. He was a big speaker.

“Often I would have ignored what he said was fancy and the information I didn’t care about being involved or interested.”

The prime minister also said that Mr. Magwire had no personal interest in Mr. Magwire’s finances, despite their relationship, because he was an “independent woman” with his own finances.

Last week, Waterhouse gave Magwire an email address to Louise Waterhouse, a landowner in western Sydney, to assist the lobby with a rezoning change that would benefit the parcels of the land it owns. When I heard that I gave it, I was drawn into the story.

ICAC heard that Mr. Magwire gave him an email address and suggested that the premiere could offer “tick from above”, but Mr. Waterhouse said Mr. Beregikrian did not respond.

The investigation will continue in front of Assistant Commissioner Ruth McCall SC.

Gladys Berejikrian acknowledges “close personal relationship” with former MP at IACC hearing

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