Gladys Berejikrian, Darryl Magwire’s Phone Tap Reveals Debt Discussion, Together Future

“And she says,’But I need a road, I need access, give me access. I develop it myself, I don’t need you “And they are resisting.”

“So I got the road, I got the jock down, and I broke one from your place and let them head to head,” Look, why are you this Can’t you fix it? ” “

Mr. Beregikrian replies to Mr. Magwire several times, “Hmm.”

“I don’t remember that, but I don’t deny that it might have happened, but I don’t remember the conversation,” Ms. Beregikrian said after hearing the phone on Monday.

For the past three weeks, ICAC has been investigating Mr. Magwire’s attempt to mediate real estate transactions and seek fees on behalf of Chinese developers.

Mr. Beregikrian has not been accused of cheating.

“Make enough money to repay debt”: Former Wagga MP

The hearing also made a phone call mentioning Mr. Magwire’s interest in “the ones at Valle’s Creek.” He had estimated a personal debt of about $ 1.5 million.

For at least one land sale, IACC has previously heard that he stood to win a generous commission, which could affect his ability to resign from Congress.


In a conversation recorded in September 2017, Mr. Magwire said, “It looks like the work at Valleys Creek is finally over. That’s good. I’m happy when it’s done.” Because you make enough money to pay off your debt. , That’s a good thing. Can you believe it in a single sale? “

“I can believe it,” Bellezi Klean replied.

Ms. Magwire said, “Hmm, yeah. I just want to repay my house. It just doesn’t repay my debt. I don’t care about the rest. I’m happy. I have as much investment debt as I can. I want to get rid of bad debts. Only. “

On another phone call that month, Mr. Magwire said he had received a “big tax return” from Mr. Beregkrian and was “very happy with it.”

Ms. Beregikrian replied, “Well, that’s good. You … say you’re poor, maybe a week, and then you’ll start saying it again.”

Mr. Magwire said: “Well, I’m poor. I’m a poor man for $ 1.59 million.

“Repeat after me, $ 1.5 million.”

“I’m not going to say that,” Ms. Beregikrian said.

In two separate phone calls made for the commission, Mr. Beregikrian said he did not need to know any specific information related to Mr. Magwire’s business transactions.


This included a September 7, 2017 phone call, she said “I don’t need to know about that bit” for a particular deal, and Mr. Magwire replied “No, you don’t.” I will.

However, Mr. Beregikrian told IACC on Monday that she knew something was wrong and “has no responsibility” for reporting Mr. Magwire that she “trusts him.” ..

She denied trying to avoid being told anything that needed to be done.

“You will always be my numerouno”

On Monday, it was revealed that Mr. Beregikrian and Mr. Magwire had been in “close personal relations” since the 2015 elections and only stopped contacting him in August.

On the phone in August 2017, they discussed future plans.

“You will always be my Numerouno,” Bellezi Klean told Magwire on the phone.

When asked what it meant by a lawyer supporting Scott Robertson, Premier probably said, “In my private life, I focused on how I felt about him.”

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