Gladys Berejikrian faces a motion of no confidence, admitting that Darryl Maguire has received “thousands of dollars in cash” as a member of parliament

The disgraceful former Wagga Wagga MP Darryl Maguire confirmed that he had received “thousands of dollars” in cash at his office in the New South Wales Capitol.

The Anti-Corruption Independent Commission has accused Maguire of using public office to improperly earn the interests of himself or G8way International, a company he allegedly manages effectively.

Meanwhile, the leadership of his ex-girlfriend, New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian, is under strong pressure in support of the crossbencher that the coalition government needs to pass the bill.

Maguire allows to receive thousands of dollars in cash

“While you were a member of parliament, do you agree to use your office in the Capitol in the process of pursuing your own business interests,” said Scott, a lawyer who assists the Commission.・ Robertson asked.

“Yes,” I received a reply from Mr. Maguire.

He also acknowledged that he had to renew his premiere on conflicts of interest in accordance with his obligations under the New South Wales Ministerial Code of Conduct.

Mr. Maguire reappointed Mr. Maguire as a secretary to Congress when he became prime minister in January 2017.

Maguire said taxpayers used funded staff, email, and equipment for commercial transactions and once delivered thousands of dollars in cash to the office.

Darryl Maguire faced IACC today.


This money was related to a plan that included securing an Australian visa for the Chinese people.

Maguire also admitted that he secretly oversaw a company called G8way International, which was the center of the investigation and the MP at the time was the means to make personal profits.

“At least in part, your Capitol office has become a part-time office of G8way International Company, do you agree?” Robertson asked.

“Occasionally,” Maguire replied.

ICAC is investigating various allegations against Maguire, including Maguire’s misuse of his public office to mediate real estate transactions in western Sydney and bring him financial benefits.

Beregikrian faces a motion of no confidence

The ICAC hearing faces a motion of no confidence in the New South Wales parliament on Wednesday as members of the House of Councilors, who rely on the coalition government to pass the legislation, do not support the government bill. Sometimes done.

Voting should fail in the House of Representatives, which has a large number of coalition governments, but is expected to be passed by the House of Councilors, which relies on the support of the Shooters Fischer’s and Farmers Party and One Nation.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Wednesday that Sydney’s radio 2GB Ms. Beregikrian devoted her life to her job as a civil servant in an attempt to increase support for the prime minister.

“She’s like having her personal life in the backseat for a long time … and she’s just focused on taking care of NSW,” he said.

Since the bomb’s exposure at ICAC on Monday, the premiere has defended her previously impeccable reputation, assured her colleagues her leadership, and the actions of her secret ex-boyfriend. Claimed that there were no clues to financial transactions.

She claimed she had done nothing wrong, saying she would have reported if there were even signs of Maguire’s misconduct.

The parliamentary seats on Tuesday brought all members together for the first time since the prime minister revealed a five-year relationship, and opposition leader Jody McKay has time to take advantage of Mr. Beregikrian’s “personal nightmare.” Did not waste.

She accused Maguire of complicating allegations of corruption by failing to report to IACC.

Telephone interception at IACC on Monday was a number of opportunities for Magwire, who resigned from the New South Wales parliament in 2018 in connection with another IACC investigation, to discuss commerce with Beregikrian in 2017 and 2018. Told.

On Tuesday, Mr. Beresikrian had a hard time explaining to reporters why her phone call with Mr. Maguire did not constitute knowledge of his business interests or swift concern about fraud.

“She turned a blind eye to government corruption because she hadn’t reported her knowledge of Darryl Maguire’s commerce for six and a half years,” McKay said.

NSW's Premier Gladys Beregicrian faces a motion of no confidence.

NSW’s Premier Gladys Beregicrian faces a motion of no confidence.

SBS News / Barry Offerel / Twitter

Federal and state senior Liberal lawmakers gathered around Mr. Beregkrian on Tuesday, who again insisted in Congress that her ex-boyfriend’s deal could be dangerous, and she gives evidence to the investigation. In particular, he said it was “complete and candid.”

Labor lawmakers heckled the prime minister when she told Congress that she was always acting in good faith.

“At every stage, I, my colleagues, or a civil servant who was in contact with him, was informed that there was cheating, which would have been reported,” she said.

“Even if you think you can trust someone, you may not.”

NSW Opposition Leader Jody McKay will speak on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, during a questioning time at the Legislative Assembly at the New South Wales Parliament Building in Sydney. (AAP image / Dan Hinbrecht) No archive

New South Wales opposition leader Jody McKay will speak at Question Time on October 13.


The motion of no confidence will be discussed on Wednesday, but it will require the support of government lawmakers to pass.

Her ex-boyfriend Maguire is burned by IACC while Mr. Beregikrian is in the limelight in Congress.

His evidence can also be a major headache for Premier.

Many of Mr. Beregkrian’s ministerial colleagues also stood behind her, and Transport Minister Andrew Constance labeled Monday as “the worst day of her life.”

“She’s not doing anything wrong. He’s another matter, but when it comes to Gladys, she’s not doing anything wrong,” Konstanz said. “I think she would have said something if she knew something was wrong.”

Faced with a concentration of questions from Sydney reporters on Tuesday, Ms. Beregikrian denied doing anything wrong again.

“If I had noticed the cheating, I would have reported it,” she said.

The premiere said she “provided the best information” [her] Recollection “.

“I was as open, transparent and positive as possible,” she said.

Gladys Berejikrian faces a motion of no confidence, admitting that Darryl Maguire has received “thousands of dollars in cash” as a member of parliament

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