Gladys Berejikrian’s Explosive Darryl Maguire Revelation at ICAC

Yesterday, New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian revealed explosive details of her private life to corruption observer IACC, saying she had a close relationship with shameful former MP Darryl Magwire. ..

Relations began before and after the 2015 state elections and ended a few months ago. Two years later, Maguire was forced to leave Congress after a corruption investigation revealed an attempt to mediate real estate transactions on behalf of Chinese developers and seek fees.

She admitted “stuffing” in her private life, but the prime minister denied her resignation, asserting that her secret five-year relationship did not affect her decision as NSW prime minister.

Obviously embarrassed, Ms. Beregikrian described the IACC hearing that day as one of the “most difficult days” in her life.

In this episode, senior journalist Jacqueline Marie joins state political reporter Lucy Cormac to discuss what Grady’s IACC revelation means to the New South Wales government.

Place of originGladys Berejikrian’s Explosive Darryl Maguire Revelation at ICAC

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