Gladys Berejikrian’s Virtue Paragon

It is often difficult for the virtues Paragon to admit their failure. However, Gladys Berejikrian’s Trebyle reminds us in a timely manner that it may be better to apply a torch lamp to our standards. The misdemeanor of a Sydney mother like me is less important and is probably subject to self-censorship. This is my attempt, the Bellezi Crian style:

About personal grooming: Yes, I wash and brush my teeth every day and wear almost clean clothes, but something can happen between the time I wear it and the time I leave the door, it’s just life. It’s awkward and no one can foresee these things. Before I leave the door, I don’t know who will contaminate me with my dirty hands. I trust others to keep their hands clean, and that’s my fault. I trust too much. I have had relationships with these people for a long time. In fact, I gave birth to them. And when they stain my clothes, I can’t tell you how I was disappointed.

“I am a human being and stuffed into my personal life.” NSW Prime Minister Gladys Beregikrian held a press conference explaining her decision shortly after submitting evidence to Froma

I also admit that I’m often stuffed with not brushing my hair, and this is unacceptable. Why not get in the habit of brushing your teeth before you leave home? That’s a really good question, and look, I separate my home self from my outing self, and sometimes my home self invades my outside life, and it’s sad is. And if you knew what you knew about combustibles in 2018, let’s just say that you never wore that wig.

When wearing a mask on public transport: Yes, in theory, I wear a mask on public transport. But I admit that my actions are sometimes … often … always … not in line with my ideals every time except once. But I support the use of masks on public transport. I first admit that I am more than a human being. So, to be precise, it’s not a superhuman, but probably a flawed superhuman, and as others say, it’s definitely human qualities and superhuman aspirations. And the next time you get on the bus, don’t forget to pack your mask.

Gladys Berejikrian’s Virtue Paragon

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