Gold Coast Breten Election Forum: Labor Bonnie Candidate Ashborg Agrees to Face MP Sam O’Connor

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Bonnie’s Gold Coast marginal worker candidate confirmed in the 11th hour that he would face incumbent Samoo Corner in a special discussion live-streamed tonight at goldcoastbulletin.com.au.

Worker Ashborg, who labeled Bonnie MP Samoo Corner as “invalid,” agreed to participate in the discussions of the first election forum on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday.

media_cameraBonnie Labor Party candidate Ashborg.Photo: Jason O’Brien

O’Connor claimed Bonnie in 2017 with a margin of 2.2%.

He has a 1.69% thin lead and will be an important seat on Election Day on October 31st.

Borg hadn’t answered many phone calls and emails before confirming his attendance, but was targeting O’Connor in a statement from the media manager.

“My opponent makes sense, but he was an ineffective representative of our community,” he said in a statement, and the report was provided almost a week after requesting comment. It was.

“He is backed by Deb Frecklington’s reckless call for open borders and supports her confused approach to cuts and public services.

“I think Bonnie’s residents can be better cared for by members of the united team of Anastasia Parasek.”

Mr Borg was announced as a party candidate for Bonnie in late August, but so far he has been largely silent on his position other than the “economic recovery plan.”

O’Connor has promised more than $ 40 million this week to upgrade roads, parks and schools in Parkwood, Alandel, Kuombaba and Labrador.

Samoo corner.
media_cameraSamoo corner.

He confirmed that he would attend the election forum.

Clive Palmer’s Liberal Party candidate for Australia, David Burke, confirmed that he would attend the event on a single phone call.

Greens candidate Amin Javamard declined to attend because of his work at the Biggera Waters pharmacy.

Last week, Borg unveiled a digital sign directly opposite the Gold Coast University Hospital. This is one of the city’s most famous campaign ads so far, but it didn’t answer questions about price tags.

Asked about the cost of the Parkwood sign, Borg said, “We recognize that there is a limit to election spending in Queensland and we are responsible for staying within the limits of the law.”

In a follow-up bulletin question about costs, a party spokesman answered instead:

“All election costs will be disclosed to the Queensland Election Commission, as required by law.”

The Wednesday night forum is one of Bulletin’s five forums, with discussions on Currumbin, Coomera, Burleigh, and Gaven next week. News Corp runs forums in seats throughout the state.

To view the forum live, please visit goldcoastbulletin.com.au from 7:30 pm.


Gold Coast Breten Election Forum: Labor Bonnie Candidate Ashborg Agrees to Face MP Sam O’Connor

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