Goodell says Deshawn Watson deserves a one-year suspension for “looting.”cleveland browns

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he feels the league needs to continue seeking a one-year suspension. cleveland browns Quarterback Deshawn Watson for his “horrible” and “predatory behavior” towards women.

At Tuesday’s owners meeting, Goodell spoke about the league’s decision to appeal. Watson suspended for six games By former federal judge Sue L Robinson, who was appointed by the NFL and the NFL Players Association as the independent league’s chief of discipline.

Robinson discovered that Watson had violated the league’s course of action after he was accused of sexually assaulting and harassing 20 women while he was playing for Houston. Watson solved Twenty-three of the 24 lawsuits were filed by women, who deny wrongdoing.

The league was seeking an indefinite suspension and fine for Watson, and felt Robinson’s six-game suspension wasn’t enough. Goodell cited a collective bargaining agreement to give the league the power to demand more discipline.

“Either party can certainly contest it and appeal it, and it’s something we felt was our right, just like the NFLPA,” Goodell said. I decided that it was.”

Watson’s fate rests with former New Jersey Attorney General Peter C. Harvey, whom Goodell handpicked to handle the appeal.

Goodell said the league will demand a year-long penalty from Watson for evidence against him being accused of being sexually inappropriate to a woman during a massage therapy session with the Texans in 2020 and 2021. He said that

In a 16-page ruling, Robinson used the terms “vicious” and “predatory” to describe Watson’s actions, concluding that he violated the league’s personal conduct policy.

Goodell was asked why the league is calling for harsher penalties.

“Because I saw the evidence,” he said. “she [Robinson] The evidence was very clear. She corroborated evidence that there were multiple violations here and they were gross and looting. It’s what I was feeling. ”

Goodell has no sense of when Harvey will make a decision. There is no specific deadline for Harvey, but the appeal policy requires it to be done “expeditiously.” There remains the possibility that the two sides will reach a settlement.

While attending a conference in Minnesota, Cleveland owner Jimmy Haslam said little about the ongoing appeal. told reporters

Meanwhile, it’s unclear how Watson will play in the Browns’ exhibition opener. Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski declined to say whether Watson will play in Jacksonville on Friday. rice field.

“We have a framework for how we’re going to handle this preseason,” he said. “You know, we reserve the right to change our minds at any time based on how we’re going with practice and that sort of thing, but we’re pretty confident in our plans.”

Stefanski said Watson is going to Florida. The three-time Pro Bowler hasn’t played since 2020. He was out last season after requesting a trade before the allegations came to light.

Cleveland’s plan was to start Jacoby Brissett while Watson was suspended. However, with the potential to cover most, if not all, of this season, the team could be looking for another quarterback out there.Josh Rosen and Josh Dobbs are also on Cleveland’s roster. , expected to get a lot of playing time during the exhibition season.

Goodell says Deshawn Watson deserves a one-year suspension for “looting.”cleveland browns

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