Gorilla scares and delights zoo guests with his ‘smooth’ movements

This monkey slide put King Kong’s appearance in the 1933 film to shame.

As seen in this banana TikTok clip with 64 million views, a silverback gorilla terrified the daylight of a South Carolina zoo-goer after smoothly sliding into frame like a boss. of new york post report.

Filmed by guest Tina Frick, the video opens with a gorilla roaming in an enclosure at Columbia’s Riverbanks Zoo.

Then it turns on like Donkey Kong. A giant silverback can be heard leaping from the back room into the enclosure, sliding up to the glass, facing the observer, and laughing nervously.

“It scared me,” Flick exclaims in the background.

The “396-pound beast,” said to be named Senzou, hovers around with its huge, hairy booty facing the camera before hanging out at the gorilla’s door.

Needless to say, viewers agreed that Senzu, 26, definitely knew how to get in.

“And that’s how you make an entrance,” exclaimed one viewer in awe, while another wrote, “Why does he endorse you crying?” .

“He’s laughing too. I’ve done this before,” speculated one armchair gorilla expert.

Others labeled the move as the “smoothest” yet compared to an “electric slide”, while others believed he mimicked Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. rice field.

clip and tokyo drift The soundtrack that Ms. Flick mandated in her 2.4 million-viewed video.

Senzu was moved from Birmingham Zoo to Riverbanks. That site describes Alpha Male as a beast that enjoys favorite “his food” such as “fresh fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, freshly cut tree branches, and alfalfa hay.”

“Like most adult gorillas, Cenzoo spends a good amount of time resting, but he also spends a lot of time observing train activity behind the primate building, using tools, and training sessions with his keeper. I also enjoy other activities such as participating in them,” they wrote.

In September, a playful gorilla was filmed having oral sex with his partner in front of an amazing group of guests at the Bronx Zoo.

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Gorilla scares and delights zoo guests with his ‘smooth’ movements

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