Government releases important report on disability employment services


The Minister for Social Services, Amanda Richworth, has released a much-anticipated report on reforming Australia’s Disability Employment Services system to improve job outcomes for people with disabilities.

The Department of Social Services is designing a new model for Disability Employment Services (DES) to help people with disabilities find employment before the current program ends in June 2023.

Employing people with disabilities and reducing employment barriers will be a key component of the Government’s Jobs Summit in September. The summit brings together over 100 of his people from various industries to tackle workforce issues.

A consultation report summarizing public feedback collected through the submission process, which ended in February 2021, found that the main issues were reducing job barriers, improving access to recruitment services, and creating more holistic wraparound services and It turns out that it is to provide complementary support.

We found that people with disabilities also needed clearer information about available support and more flexibility in program and service delivery.

Other key areas, according to the report, included more targeted support for people with disabilities and employers, streamlining employment program management, and workforce skills.

Rishworth said her experience as a local councilor and as a clinical psychologist made her aware of the problems people with disabilities face in getting jobs.

“We want to work with people with disabilities, their families, carers and others to ensure that disability employment policies and programs are adequately targeted and meet the needs of people with disabilities. I’m thinking,” she said in a statement.

“Employing people with disabilities should not be viewed as voluntary or charitable. People with disabilities bring diverse skills and experiences and contribute significantly to the workplace.

“There is an amazingly skilled workforce that is sadly underutilized. Hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense and is good for the country.”

Richworth plans to hold a roundtable with employers, unions and disability groups later this month to discuss barriers to employment before the September summit.

Government releases important report on disability employment services

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