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In an interview earlier this week, Liz Truss defended her plans to cancel the corporate tax hike, stating: Income increased when corporate tax was cut. But at this morning’s briefing, Institute of Finance He said canceling the proposed hike would not pay for itself.

Catholics overtake Protestants for the first time in Northern Ireland

Catholics surpass Protestants Northern Ireland It’s the first demographic milestone for a state designed a century ago to be a permanent Protestant majority. Rory Carroll report.

Coffey denies being part-time health secretary, citing deputy prime minister role

Therese Coffey Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of Health. Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain this morning and answering a question from former Labor MP Ed Boles in attendance, she said that as Deputy Prime Minister she “will chair the Home Affairs Committee and various elements like that”. But she rejected claims that this meant she was working part-time in the medical field. She said:

I have already put together a plan for my patients in two weeks and am aware that I will be developing it further.

I don’t think it’s going to be a part-time job, but… I don’t have set working hours.

Average £500 annual real income is worse than last year, according to IFS

Most people will be worse off this year than they were last year, despite the enormous aid packages provided by the government to help with the cost of living crisis. Institute of Finance (IFS) said.

At a briefing ahead of tomorrow’s “emergency budget”, IFS researcher Xiaowei Xu said higher inflation means people across income ranges will see their living standards fall substantially. she said:

In real terms, median income is expected to be £500 worse than last year. This equates to a net reduction in income of about 3%.

High earners – not so high earners – will be £1,000 worse, with a larger percentage increase. Low-income and unemployed people, both cash and income, will be better protected from rising costs of living.

Most households are expected to have a lower standard of living this year compared to last year, even after the government has invested heavily in protecting households from rising costs of living.

of SNPs Stephen Flynn He said it was nice to meet Jacob Rhys Mogg at the Commons. Standing on a pile of garbage. He asked Rees-Mogg to confirm that companies like Amazon would benefit from the plans announced yesterday, saying that Scotland, which produced “more oil and gas than we could possibly consume” said he was disappointed in Scotland.

In response to the, Reese Mogg He said he recalled PG Wodehouse writing that “it’s not hard to tell the difference between a disgruntled Scotsman and a ray of sun”. He didn’t mention Amazon.

UK fracking ban lifted, limits on seismic activity lifted

After the ban on fracking in England was lifted, Jacob Rhys-Mogg Called the current limit on seismic activity “too low” and conceded that it was likely to be raised. Aubrey Allegretti Here is the story.

Labor says government’s ‘fantasy economics’ ‘threat to British businesses’

Jonathan Reynolds, a shadow business secretary submitted an urgent question about the energy package. He said the government had not disclosed the cost of the energy assistance package. He continued:

This government says it can pay its bills by cutting taxes, spending more, borrowing more, and magically paying for it through high growth rates it has completely failed to achieve in its 12-year tenure. This is fantasy economics and a threat to British business and the financial stability of the country.

in the commons Jacob Rhys-Moggthe business secretary, has just begun answering urgent questions about the energy support package for non-domestic users announced yesterday.

before he starts sir lindsey foil, the Speaker said he was very disappointed that such an important statement was made yesterday not to the House of Commons but to the media. I was there. Hoyle said he would have allowed a statement to be made.

Reese Mogg He didn’t think it would be possible to issue a statement on the day MPs were taking the oath of allegiance.

foil Rees-Mogg interrupted and pointed out that he could have asked. If they had had a conversation, Rees-Mogg would have realized that a statement was possible, he says.

I Paul War i have a clip

Hoyle channels his inner principal.
“I’m not angry. I’m very disappointed.”

(Rees-Mogg points out that ministers often complained as back-ventures when they announced on television before coming to the Commons).

— Paul Waugh (@paulwaugh) September 22, 2022

I have two pressing questions on Commons this morning. Before business questions and health statements. Therese Coffey.

Coffey refuses to say whether he thinks the sugar tax was a success

Summary of main contents Therese Coffey In an interview this morning, he talked about health policy.

  • Health Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister Coffey said the goal of getting patients to see a GP within two weeks was an “expectation” rather than a firm guarantee. Asked on Today’s show if this was a guarantee, a goal, or just ambition, Coffey said it was “expectation” that set him off for his patients. Alastair McClellan,Editor health According to Service Journal, the government appears to have overstated what was actually announced.

Once again, the government’s NHS plans have proved less robust than the press conference.

Government press release yday said ‘GPs see people in 48 hours’

Pree reports “MUST” using steer.

now @theresecoffey say it’s “expectation”

— Alastair McClellan (@HSJEditor) September 22, 2022

Coffey’s explanation may disappoint readers of the Daily Express.

  • Coffey said GPS By offering a phone consultation, you can meet the two-week deadline. When asked if the pledge meant patients would see a doctor face-to-face within two weeks, she told LBC:

It is open to the general practitioner-patient relationship. I’m not overly prescriptive. Some people are happy just to call, but some may need to go to the doctor. Other patients are very enthusiastic about it.

  • she accepted it NHS More doctors were needed, but the government said it already had long-term plans to address this.

  • She avoided questions about whether the government was considering an anti-obesity strategy. (As Guardian readers know, the strategy is being reviewed by order of the Treasury Department. My colleague. Dennis Campbell revealed last week. )

  • Coffey declined to say whether he thinks the sugar tax introduced to discourage consumption of sugary soft drinks is working.there is evidence of successbut Liz Truss is skeptical of government meddling in consumer choice, making the cost of living crisis harder to defend, Her administration could also cut the sugar tax. When Coffey was told on Today’s show that most of her predecessors supported the move, she said she was only two weeks on the job and focused on planning for her patients. I was.

GP leader says Therese Coffey’s NHS plan ‘no visible difference’

good morning. The House of Commons is properly held today, Therese CoffeyThe new Health Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister will issue a statement on plans to improve the NHS. As Liz Truss begins her prime ministerial term, she wants to focus on her three priorities: health, tax cuts and energy. In her Tory leadership election, Truss spoke a lot about her second two topics, but she said little about her own thoughts on health policy. . In her campaign she sent nearly 50 press releases of hers, but she only mentioned the NHS in one and health in only three.

Several aspects of the announcement were explained overnight, and Coffey plans to set “her expectation that everyone who needs it should get a booking at GP practice within two weeks.” Older readers may remember that about 20 years ago the Labor government had a goal of getting everyone to see a GP within two days instead of two weeks. led to practitioners rejecting appointments more than 2 days in advancelater scrapped by the Tories.

my colleague Dennis Campbell Here’s a preview of the announcement.

So far, the doctor’s leader has not been impressed. The main reason is that he Coffey has not addressed the main problem of being understaffed for the amount of work they face.

Professor Martin Marshall Royal College of GPSaid:

Letting go of a struggling service with more expectations without a plan for how to deliver it will add to the intense workload and workforce pressures facing GPs and our team. It only increases the risk of injury and minimizes the impact on the care the patient receives.

Dr. Farrah Jameel British Medical Associationof the England Grand Prix Committee said: in a statement:

Currently, the GP’s goal of delivering appointments within two weeks is just an addition to the checkbox culture that highlights the government’s deaf approach when it comes to those who serve on-site.

GPs need to be freed up to provide the care they know their patients desperately need. In short, we need a real strategy to address the workforce crisis. There are not enough GPs and staff to provide the care patients need and deserve.

Today’s GP workforce data shows that between August 2021 and August 2022, we lost the equivalent of 314 full-time GPs. Now, compared to 2015, he has 1,850 fewer fully-accredited full-time GPs, and the number of patients per GP has increased by 16%. We are losing more GPs than we can employ, and this combined with cost of living pressures is beginning to mark the end of the practice of GPs as we know them…

Had the new Secretary of Health met with us prior to this announcement, he could have put forward a viable strategy for addressing the crisis that is unfolding before us this winter and beyond.

Coffey is being interviewed this morning. She briefly summarizes what she was saying.

Click here for the minutes of the meeting.

9 am: The Fiscal Institute will hold a briefing tomorrow on what to expect from Kwasi Kwarten’s ’emergency budget’.

9:30 am: Census data for Northern Ireland, including religious figures, are publicly available.

After 10am: New Health Secretary Therese Coffey issued the following statement to lawmakers: Plans to improve patient access to the NHS.

11:30 am: A lobby briefing is held at Downing Street.

12:00: The Bank of England announces its decision to change interest rates.

2:15 p.m.: The CBI, the Resolution Foundation, and the Joseph Rountree Foundation have filed evidence with the Commons Financial Commission on cost of living.

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GP leader says Therese Coffey’s NHS plan ‘no visible difference’ – UK politics is alive | Politics

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