Greens vows reform with “citizen jury” to form neighborhood

“Greens gives residents real power for local development, ensures that height restrictions and green space regulations are in fact adhered to, and funds developers for critical public infrastructure. Let me pay a fair share for. “

Greens tried a referendum on the final neighborhood plan after a citizen jury developed them. Currently, the city hall is formulating a neighborhood plan with a period of consultation with residents.

The community is “losing,” said Andrew Powell, a spokesman for the LNP stone

Neighborhood planning provides planning methods and requirements that target the needs of specific suburbs and regions to support key planning legislation.

Greens wants to rewind height restrictions, border retreat exemptions, and create binding minimum requirements for trees and green spaces.

They also banned development in flood-prone areas (such as most of the West End) and introduced a 75% tax on land rezoning to increase value, such taxes from developers. It is estimated to raise $ 7.8 billion over four years.

The LNP also said the planning system was “broken,” and opposition planning spokesman Andrew Powell said the community was “lost” as workers “passed regulations that rob locals of planning and development decisions.” “.

“We need to protect the streets in the suburbs and secure a park for children to play,” he said.

“We need to plan and build an infrastructure that supports new areas for development as it takes place, not after development.

“Local people need to have the ability to speak through the planning process. It’s their community.”

Place of originGreens vows reform with “citizen jury” to form neighborhood

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