Grilled Peta Credorin, Dan Andrews calls record

Daniel Andrews has announced that he will pass text messages and phone records to an investigation investigating the quarantine blunder in Victoria.

In a previous statement to the inquiry, Victorian Police Chief Graham Ashton mentioned the six-minute phone call he received, where he learned more about the private security program, but who the caller was. I couldn’t remember if there was one.

The answer could reveal that the government is responsible for the dire program that was the source of Victoria’s second COVID wave.

Andrews was burned in his phone record by Tony Abbott’s former Chief of Staff Peta Credorin at a press conference on Friday.

Sky News commentators are now surprised at the briefing, demanding that Andrews know why he didn’t hand over the phone record.

At the time, Premier said he did not need to create a record because he was not asked for a record by the COVID-19 Hotel Quarantine Investigation Commission, but said he “always instructed” when asked.

On Sunday, he revealed that the request had been made since then, and he will obey “as soon as possible”.

“I can’t give you an exact timeline because Telstra and others have to provide us with those details, but it’s provided exactly as they asked,” he said. ..

“We all have the right to get an answer. It’s an independent process.”

He seems to suggest that others may have been asked to record the phone, he told journalists: “All my senior staff, including me and the media staff, will hand over the relevant details.”

Place of originGrilled Peta Credorin, Dan Andrews calls record

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