Gulf Livestock 1: Family continues to search

A month after the sinking of the cargo ship Gulf Livestock 1, a family of 40 missing crew members, including Australian William Mayne and Lucas Orda, continue to search.

Two missing Australian families and friends turned to the general public for help after a failed attempt to seek federal help to fund the search.

Mainprize’s best friend Harry Morrison has launched the GoFundMe page, raising a total of $ 117,015 from donations from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Philippines.

Funds were directed to reconnaissance planes to search selected uninhabited islands in the East China Sea in the hope of finding signs of survivors and materials from the ship.

With the help of marine experts and satellite technology, the search costs about $ 10,000 a day.

After a two-week search, a helicopter found a canopy of a Viking life-saving squid that looked similar to that in Gulf Livestock 1 on Kuchinoshima, southwestern Japan.

A lifebuoy and a blue boot were also seen about 35km away from Gajajima.

This gave the family and friends of the missing crew the hope of being able to find more signs of the ship and the whereabouts of their loved ones.

Morrison is calling on the general public to donate so that he can continue his private search and rescue mission.

“There were hundreds of uninhabited islands and islands in Japan, and the crew would have just been washed away and waiting for us,” Morrison said.

“This is not a quest for closure. In our view, this continues to be an active investigation to rescue the missing crew.

“I can’t forget that there are four lifeboats and one lifeboat from a ship that haven’t been explained yet. Anyone who has the means to donate and participate in the search with us is attractive. Is the target. “

Morrison said the Australian government and the Japanese Coast Guard were “sick” not looking for the missing crew.

He said it was difficult to describe in words how much he missed Mr. Main Prize, who said he was his brother. It was a general feeling of all families with a large number of loved ones left.

“Will is just a ball of energy and light, the happiest, most friendly and most resilient person,” he said.

“If anyone can, he will be able to do this. Many of them … it’s just painful to think they’re on an island or a raft, and no one is looking for them.

“Until the survivors find the liferafts they have witnessed, we are still preparing to be there.”
Last month, Mr. Orda’s wife Emma went to Facebook with an emotional message to her husband.

A Queensland veterinarian and his wife have a seven-month-old son.

“We love you, so go home now,” writes Mrs. Orda.

A living export ship went missing after sending a distress signal during a typhoon Meissac in the East China Sea.

The cargo ship was scheduled to arrive in China, which was allegedly capsized after a stormy weather on its way to China after leaving New Zealand last month.

To donate, visit the Save the Forty of Gulf Livestock 1 Go FundMe page.

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