Hamish Break and Zoe Foster Break in Australian Tourism Advertising

Hamish Break and Zoe Foster Break are the new faces of this year’s Holiday Campaign of the Australian Tourism Board, encouraging Australians to explore our country this summer.

With a zoom call that looks like between two separate rooms in your home, the couple ponders where to go for their next vacation and suggests options such as outback and surf holidays (Cue: Wave Zoom Background). .. In the end, they didn’t settle in place — but they settled on what they needed to pack.

In the first teaser narrated by Hamish, he puts on gorgeous footage of the Gold Coast and the Northern Territory of our unique animal life, natural wonders, cities, and “the best pie in the world.” It spewed out about the stores in the area that are proud of sales. area. “There’s nothing really anything,” he explained of the large open space at the top end.

“This year’s holiday here is exactly what this place and all of us need,” he concludes. “So get out there for Australia!”

We’re pretty sure — surely Hamish will know something about the trip from him Gap year Series with Andy Lee.

Hamish wrote on Instagram overnight about the campaign going on next year.

“This is about new places Australians should go and experiences they didn’t think of or might have postponed, as the country has taken the first interim steps to open and permit travel. Help me think. Make this year this year !, “he said.

“Besides the chance to create a gold-level family MEMS, your trip will help everyone across the tourism industry recover from wildfires and the devastating double-hits of COVID. This is a classic. It’s a win-win. “

He also sought to provide some comfort to his fellow Melbanian. He said that a roughly planned holiday is definitely something to look forward to in the blockade. “”[W]When it’s safe and the time comes, we’ll sprint that holiday. Now, with official embassy authority, we run caravan parks, tours, lodges, hotels, hikes, weird water-powered people-hoverboard stuff, shops, bakeries and more host you I can’t wait to do it. ”

Hamish and Zoe also looked back on their involvement in the campaign in a joint statement. “We love traveling, we love adventure, we love Australia, so it’s special to be able to help promote our country, so I can’t think of anything better than that. ..

“It’s not that hard to sell because everyone feels like a vacation right now, but convince people who postpone one or plan something abroad to book a vacation here. Hope it helps. They don’t just create incredible vacations. Remember, they will help the tourism sector across the country recover. “

Hopefully this campaign means seeing photos of Sony and Rudy traveling with their parents all over Australia, saying they will visit Australian icons like Big Banana after the blockade of Melbourne. To do. .. .. How precious it is!

Hamish Break and Zoe Foster Break in Australian Tourism Advertising

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