Hamish Macdonald slammed by project guest Dr Craig Wright: ‘W***er’

Sunday Project host Hamish Macdonald had a violent clash with the rumored founder of Bitcoin on this weekend’s episode.

In this exclusive preview of Sunday’s episode, McDonald sits down for an interview with Australian computer scientist Dr Craig Wright. Dr. Craig Wright has in the past claimed to be the person behind the pseudonym used by Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto.

The two sit down to discuss how the future of the Internet will usurp Silicon Valley’s throne, but McDonald’s will question the guest’s sincerity and insist that he provide proof that he is, in fact, the inventor of Bitcoin. The interview goes south.

“Look up law books, look up evidence, take courses,” Dr. Wright sarcastically told an interviewer.

“And if you come back and you really know what you’re talking about, we can argue. Otherwise you’re just awful.”

“Why do you get irritated and start swearing?” McDonald asks.

“I’m Australian. If you say worse, I’ll call you worse,” says Dr. Wright.

The full, intense interview airs this Sunday at 6:30 PM. sunday project.

Dr. Wright used to In December last year, it became a hot topic He publicly claimed victory when he was ordered to pay $142 million in damages in a bitter legal battle.

In a landmark case, Dr. Wright was being sued by the family of the late computer scientist David Kleiman. They claimed to have created a cryptocurrency with Dr. Wright under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

Kleiman died in 2013, but his family was looking for half of Satoshi Nakamoto’s stash of Bitcoin worth about $70 billion, one person said. wall street journal report.

Dr. Wright claims to have created Bitcoin himself, a claim that has caused widespread skepticism in the cryptocurrency community.

And he claimed victory last December when a jury in a federal court in Miami ruled that he was only responsible for proselytizing (illegal acquisition of property).

The court awarded W&K Info Defense Research, the joint venture of the two men, for $100 million (A$142 million), well short of what Mr Kleiman’s family had sought. rice field.

“I have never felt so relieved in my life,” Dr. Wright said after the verdict.

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Hamish Macdonald slammed by project guest Dr Craig Wright: ‘W***er’

Source link Hamish Macdonald slammed by project guest Dr Craig Wright: ‘W***er’

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