Has Trump’s relationship with Fox News soured? | | Donald Trump

many years, donald trump And Fox News got hit.

The former president apparently called right-wing news channels whenever he wanted. The Fox News host hyped up all Trump’s remarks.Trump has been watching the channel avidly, and in 2019 alone he 657 Tweet Respond to Fox News or Fox Business programs.

However, things seem to have changed since then. As Trump new york times He pointed out that he had not been interviewed by Fox News in over 100 days.

A recent Trump speech was largely ignored by the network. fox news Aware that an alternate Republican presidential candidate was available, Mike Pence’s speech was broadcast live as-is.

on the news channel involved billion dollar lawsuit Dominion Voting Systems over allegations that voting machine companies tampered with the 2020 election, Trump’s continued lies about election fraud seemingly upset Rupert Murdoch, the media giant who owns Fox News. is.

Murdoch’s two newspapers, new york post The Wall Street Journal published a scathing editorial in July that criticized Trump, the former calling the twice-impeached 45th president “not worthy of being the chief executive of this country again.” , the latter is Trump branding “The president who stopped on January 6”.

This week’s Washington Post report Murdoch ‘lost enthusiasm’ for Trump.

The channel has begun giving Pence and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ample airtime, including two primetime interviews in the last five days, The New York Times reported. Arkansas Senator Tom His Cotton, who is said to be running for president in 2024, regular interviewer.

But while Trump’s apparent bounce from Fox News has been hotly covered by media reporters, there are plenty of signs the channel isn’t ready to let go of its paramour.

a Recent research Fox News continues to debate Trump for the 2024 presidential nomination by far more than any company it perceives as a rival, according to media watchdog Media Matters for America. I understand. Pence received 1,083 and 589 mentions respectively.

Media Matters president and CEO Angelo Carusone said these findings suggest they’re not getting worse. He said there may have been a slight change in tone and that Trump may not have the “strangler” he once had on Fox News. “One Audience” It’s probably over, but the press is still overwhelmingly positive.

“I was allowed to attack Donald Trump on Fox News in the 2015 and 2016 primaries. Now that never happens,” Carusone said.

Trump has recently voiced his displeasure with Fox News reports. Known for being emotional, the 76-year-old attacked Fox & Friends showed in July that Trump, who received 79% of the vote, would be taken with a pinch of salt after host Steve Doocy proposed a straw poll of potential candidates for 2024. rice field.

Doocy hardly criticized Trump. The moderator simply pointed to other, more scientific polls that show Trump’s approval rating falls short of his 79%. But it was enough to cause upset.

“Fox & Friends definitely screwed up my vote numbers on purpose. That show was terrible – it went to the ‘dark side,'” Trump said on ailing right-wing social media. It was posted on the platform Truth Social.

The Dominion lawsuit could be the reason for Trump’s absence. The company is suing Fox News for $1.6 billion for allowing it to amplify Trump’s false allegations that Fox News rigged the Joe Biden election.

In a statement, the news channel said: It’s just a flagrant attempt to discourage our journalists from doing their jobs. “

But if the lawsuit is ongoing, it may be a smart strategy not to allow Trump to repeat those exact allegations on FOX News during a live interview.

Asked about Fox News’ relationship with Trump, a spokesperson said: other networks. “

Still, Culson believes Fox News’ coolness toward Trump is likely to be temporary.

The channel’s host tackles a still-cloudy-eyed segment where he talks about how Trump will handle issues, from inflation to China to Fox News’ staple “border crisis.” And Trump’s achievements during his tenure still stand.

“They’re still fetishizing and daydreaming, which means they don’t have that kind of audience anymore,” Carusone said.

“The audience has other people they care about.”

Has Trump’s relationship with Fox News soured? | | Donald Trump

Source link Has Trump’s relationship with Fox News soured? | | Donald Trump

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