Health Hacker: Surfer Mick Fanning Recovers From ACL Injury

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It has truly been five incredible years for Mick Fanning. It was this time of year, in 2015, when the pro surfer skyrocketed heart rates when he battled a shark attack in South Africa, live on TV no less, producing the Iconic and terrifying images that have been hissing around the internet ever since. .

Fanning escaped unharmed, thankfully, but it was a moment that could very easily have gone another way.

You can watch Fanning relive this horrific incident and its journey since, on his new National Geographic documentary, Save This Shark.

Fast forward five years, however, and Fanning is in an entirely different place, with him and his partner Breeana welcoming a happy and healthy son, Xander, into their lives in August, in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown.

media_cameraMick Fanning is recovering from a torn ACL. Photo: Jerad Williams

And if you ask Fanning, the timing couldn’t have been better, with the still-on-the-go surfer suddenly grounded for the first time in years, meaning he’s there for every moment.

“I spent a lot of time at home, which is really different for me,” he says. Health hacker.

“Usually I’m in and out of the country so this time it was really nice as I got to watch my fiancee Breeana grow our beautiful baby boy.

“Having just a little boy, my happiness goes through the roof. I have never been so happy.

In fact, the timing was pretty good for the three-time world champion surfer, who also spent this surprisingly quiet time recovering from a tear in the ACL, which threatened to keep him out of competition until 12. month.


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But if an encounter with a great white shark wasn’t enough to keep it out of the water (“I got home right away,” he says), then there’s no way something so small. an injury prevents him from surfing.

“I still surf every day because the beaches weren’t closed on the Gold Coast and I also continue my training,” he says.

“Cycling and sport have always been a great motivation for me because I continue to fight to come back to 100%. We have been extremely lucky the entire time at home as the waves throughout the winter have been exceptional which has definitely helped me to stay in shape.

“Like everyone else, I had to re-evaluate my goals this year, but my main goal was to get back to 100% in the water. I’m only a bit far from where I want to be so that I feel good once I reach this goal.


What’s your secret to staying in shape?

Move every day

What is your favorite food?

Moroccan meatballs from Breeana

What’s your favorite treat?


What’s the secret to success?

There is no secret – it’s just hard work

What’s your best motivational tip?

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you got the job done. You can’t lie to yourself.


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