Healthy snacks to eat when you want junk food

How many times have you been to the store and stood in the aisle staring at chips, cookies and candies?

Junk food is highly addictive, tastes very good and is very attractive.


But we also know how bad it is for us and what we should do perhaps Choose a snack that is low in sugar, sodium and waste.

I’m not saying that you should cut out all the junk food for the rest of your life (after all, you’re just a human being), but there are some great healthy snacks that can be replaced.

Still read to learn about some healthy snack options that will satisfy your cravings.


Make your own popcorn instead of grabbing chips! Place a small amount of olive oil and light salt on the stove.

Popcorn is rich in fiber and is a low-calorie option that meets its salty cravings. Be careful not to use butter!

Frozen fruit

Ice cream is always as attractive as a dessert, but fruits are just as satisfying. In fact, freeze bananas and then blend them to get an ice cream alternative!

And if you get a little crazy, melt a little dark chocolate and let it rain lightly. Bum, you have your own ice cream sundae.

You can freeze the grapes for a refreshing snack, or you can eat frozen blueberries with plain yogurt and a little honey.

Tip replacement

Chip alternatives such as kale chips, okra chips, and even sweet potato chips are sold in stores and have become very popular in recent years.

If you don’t want to buy pre-packaged alternative chips, you can easily make these chips at home!

With kale chips, all you need to do is break up the small pieces, sprinkle some salt and olive oil on top of them, and bake them in the oven until they are crispy.

Beef jerky

Beef jerky is a great snack option, especially for road trips.

Check the back of the package and choose the one with the least amount of sugar and preservatives.

Jerky is a good way to go when you are in a pinch and there is not much variety.

Vegetables and dips

You may have to eat chips and keso, but if you need a healthier option, dip a vegetable stick instead.

Chop cucumbers, carrots and zucchini and store in the fridge whenever you need a dip of salsa, guacamole or cheese.

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