Helen Mirren talks red carpet fashion and ageless style

The term “influencer” is used frequently these days. It’s an umbrella term for anyone trying to get attention on social media. But if you want to see a real influencer, take a look at Helen Mirren. Sitting across from me across the screen – Helen is in Cannes, I’m in London – slim cut round neck green With her dress and her hair tied up in a modern ponytail, she looks like an idol in every corner. I am confident.

Still, she’s an interviewee who isn’t as epic as she is charming, and has a relaxed chatter. Her well-trained eye immediately focuses on my cheesecloth blouse. She talks about the “very hot” weather in Cannes and asks if it’s sunny in London, like an old friend of hers.

We’re talking the day before we show up on the red carpet. Helen said she’ll be wearing a glittery Jenny Packham gown, but she hasn’t figured out what to do with her hair and makeup yet. (After all, she put in hair extensions to create an XXL half ponytail.)

Helen is as chic as it is charming. Her irreverent style and “so what?” In this cookie-cutter world, her attitude to beauty is so compelling. A regular at her carpets and award ceremonies, her fashion choices get braver and bolder each year, and she also frequently appears on her Best Dressed list.

Whether you’re wearing a pretty floral dress enhanced by Russell & Bromley biker boots, graham norton show Whether it’s the waist-cinching, sugar-pink Dolce & Gabbana dress she wore to accept the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards earlier this year, or the bright yellow frock she wore to Cannes last year, her approach. And L’Oréal Paris ambassador Helen (she’s walking in the 2019 show below) is also on an adventure when it comes to beauty, with pink hair and “terrible” eyes. I try everything, including makeup. Between.

Mirren walking the L’Oréal Paris 2019 Fashion Images

So who better to discuss her past red carpet looks than Helen herself? She shares seven beauty and style lessons that inspire women.

being an ass can be so much fun

Impressive eye makeup at L’Oreal Paris runway show in 2021.

At the 2021 L'Oréal Paris runway show.

At the 2021 L’Oréal Paris runway show. credit:Getty Images

“I am very free with my makeup. , makeup artist Val Garland said, “I feel like doing something really, really extreme.” People’s reaction to the thick, heavy eyeliner was a mixture of shades of surprise and dread, but this is a good reaction as far as I’m concerned. And of course, I was in a great costume, so it all worked out. ”

Trust your instincts and apply skin care to your neck

Blue velvet Elie Saab gown at Cannes 2018.

2018 Cannes.

2018 Images

“I’m really fast when it comes to choosing outfits for events. I work with stylists or fashion designers to see what they have and what they can lend me. No fuss, when I wore this blue gown to Cannes I thought I had enough ruffles and sequins and didn’t want any glitter that year.I just wanted something sculpted and tailored. I liked the slightly medieval feel of the dress.Because it was a low cut, the make-up artist removed makeup all the way down to my neck.For skin care, I always go down to the décolleté, but I no longer tend to go low cut. ”

balance is everything

In a silky yellow Dolce & Gabbana dress at Cannes 2021.

2021 Cannes.

2021 Cannes. credit:Getty Images

“Sometimes the dress you wear says it all. You put it on and that’s it, enough said. did
A relaxed bun that balanced the impact of the dress. If you have one limit, you should not go too far with the other limits. What I liked about this dress was how it floated and the silk moved when there was a little breeze. ”

Feel comfortable and look better

On the red carpet at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival with Jenny Packham.

Cannes, 2022.

Cannes, Images

“For this year’s Cannes Film Festival, I chose a Jenny Packham dress.
Amazing British designer of dresses I’ve worn a few times. It’s comfortable to wear. Over the years I’ve learned that finding something that’s comfortable is the most important thing. You can wear beautiful jewellery. ”

Hair accessories add the ‘wow’ factor

Pink headband at the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

At the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

At the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Images

“I recently discovered headbands and have worn several.
red carpet. I was always worried they looked a little “Throne Ranger”.
Resistance to them, but now I think they add a lot to the costume.
I loved scarves, turbans, and hats. In 1995, I put on my hat and went to the Oscars, being nominated for the first time. She thought it would be like going to an English wedding or Royal Ascot. I haven’t worn it on the red carpet since. ”

don’t try to imitate others

At the 2011 Golden Globe Awards.

Golden Globes, 2021.

Golden Globes, Images

“I don’t have the easiest shape to deal with. What works doesn’t work.And that’s fine.Some people have styles that I like, but they’re different, so I don’t necessarily try to imitate them.Helena Bonham Carter’s fashion sense and Kristen’s fashion sense. I love the way Stewart dresses.Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett are also super styled.They are all women who really push ships and that’s what I admire.”

Hair and makeup are temporary, so take the risk

Pink hair at Cannes 2019.

2021 Cannes.

2021 Cannes. credit:Getty Images

“I love getting creative with hair and makeup because nothing is permanent. A few years ago I wore this gorgeous pink and gold Elie Saab dress.” I thought, maybe I should make my hair the same color.” It was totally my idea. Hair can also be an accessory. Pink was wash-in, wash-out. At 6pm I was in my natural color, by 7pm I was pink, and by 11am the next morning I was in my color again. “

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Helen Mirren talks red carpet fashion and ageless style

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