Hinckley remains as harbor coach: Koch

Port Adelaide president David Koch has confirmed that Ken Hinckley will remain coach for 2023.

Koch raised the stakes earlier this week when he warned that the position of everyone at the club would be reviewed following the team’s disappointing AFL season.

Hinckley’s position was considered the most threatened, especially as some fans were agitating for change.

When pressed about the issue on Monday, Koch refused to guarantee Hinckley would survive Ax this year.

However, Koch resolved the matter Thursday night by confirming Hinckley would remain as coach.

“There were a lot of my comments on Adelaide radio on Monday morning that the whole football program needs to be improved,” Koch told Channel Seven.

“Obviously, this season has been a huge disappointment. We have not lived up to the expectations of ourselves and our members and supporters.

“As always, we will thoroughly evaluate our football program at the end of the season. However, as the club has maintained throughout the year, Ken Hinckley has signed a contract and will be our coach in 2023. .”

As manager of Port Adelaide, Hinckley boasts a winning record of 58.8 per cent in 221 games, leading the club to three qualifying finals.

“Some argue that changes should be made based on performance only this season, but Ken has never led a team to the Grand Finals.

“But we are making informed decisions with all the information in front of us and Ken as a senior coach will do a great job of attracting new talent and football department resources to make us better. I believe he will provide us with the best chance of rebounding next season.”

Hinckley remains as harbor coach: Koch

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