Honda wants to be tough now

One of the rude things I’ve seen automakers do for a while, Honda announced on Friday that John Cena would be the voice of the new advertising campaign. Cena is tougher than Savage or something, so Cena replaces Honda’s current voice Fred Savage. This is strange because Savage’s surname is literally barbaric.

Here’s how Honda explained it to Adage:

“Fred was great, but Fred reflected a keyword — and that keyword was great,” he says. The brand “wanted a sound with more appeal and room for growth. Looking at John Cena’s work, the man did such a wide range of work, from family movies to the image of a tough man. I … he’s a car man, ” [Ed Beadle, Honda’s assistant vice president for integrated marketing] add.

This is all pretty outdated and ridiculous, but some of Honda’s campaigns with passports, pilots and Ridgelines convince buyers that they are buying a big bad machine or something. That is. They also changed the face of Ridgeline to make it meaningful.

Honda PR looks at the Ridgeline change and says this is what people want:

Honda Ridgeline sales increased 9% last year to 33,334 units, which may be the exception of Ford selling 896,526 F-series units last year. And I think Honda’s bet is that it can strip some of those buyers and Silverado and Lamb buyers. And it doesn’t have to be a big percentage to have a significant impact on Ridgeline sales. How nice!

But what Honda wants instead is what it’s good at, focusing on small and medium-sized sedans and SUVs and not trying to copy the Big Three to trucks. Big Three wins on the track every time. I hope Honda stays at Fred Savage and not John Cena.

Honda wants to be tough now

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