Horror before and after photos of Ukrainian soldiers after Russian captivity

WARNING: Graphic content.

Shocking images of Ukrainian soldiers who survived Russian captivity have surfaced on social media.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense shared a photo of Ukrainian soldier Mikhail Dyanov twittercalled him lucky, even though he appeared emaciated and injured to his face and right arm.

“Mikhail Dyanov is one of the lucky ones.In contrast to some of his fellow prisoners of war, he survived Russian captivity,” wrote the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

“This is how Russia “complies” with the Geneva Conventions. This is how Russia inherits the shameful legacy of Nazism. “

It is revealed that hostage Sean Pinner was electrocuted, stabbed, subjected to a mock execution, and forced to listen to ABBA while in confinement.

A former British Army soldier had to endure Mamma Mia multiple times during a 24-hour musical torture session.

Sean, 48, survived months in prison on rations of stale bread and dirty water. Sun report.

talk Sun From his family home in Potton, Beddon, England, on Sunday, he said: It was hell on earth.

“The past six months have been the worst days of my life.

“I never want to hear ABBA songs again and never see any bread. I’m so lucky to be home.”

After Russia invaded in February, Sean, who married Ukrainian Larissa, traveled to the Donbass region to fight pro-Moscow separatists.

Previously with the Royal Anglian Regiment, he served in the Ukrainian Army as a contract soldier.

Sean was captured in April during the siege of Mariupol.

He recalls: But she didn’t even cry.

“She shouted at me that I was a warrior and that I would survive.

“Those were the last words I heard from her, and they pushed me forward.

“It turned into a massacre as the Russians ambushed us with mortars and artillery.

“There were so many corpses, it looked like a zombie apocalypse.

“I was surrounded by Russian separatists. They stripped me and stuck a knife in my thigh for no reason.

“They beat the sunlight from me for 20 minutes.”

A hooded Sean is then electrocuted. he said:

“They did it for 40 seconds each time. It seemed like they were just doing it for fun.

“A man came in, stuck a pistol in the back of my head, cocked it, and said, ‘You’re going to die now.’

“I thought that was the end. Then he started laughing, saying he was joking, and whipping me with a pistol.”

Sean was then transferred to a prison called “Dark Side” in Russian-controlled Donetsk.

Heavy metal bands Slipknot and ABBA played on a loop 24 hours a day, and if security guards slept outside the designated hours, he would be beaten.

Sean says: It was really torture because I hated it anyway.

“One of the guards said they were going to kill me and send the video to my mother.

“They brutally stole my wedding ring. It was my darkest day.”

In June, he and fellow Britt Aiden Aslin were sentenced to death as mercenaries by a false court.

He moved to another prison and said: believe by Cher.

“We had dark days and cried a lot. We had to hold on to some kind of hope and that’s how I survived.

After being told to pack up last week, Sean feared his own execution was coming.

Instead, he was part of a prisoner exchange brokered by Roman Abramovich.

West Ham fan Sean said of the former owner of Chelsea FC: He replied, “Because it is me.”

“He said he was working on humanitarian aid.

“I took a picture with him and asked him why he didn’t buy West Ham and he said it was because Chelsea was close to his house.

“He truly saved my life.”

Sean and Aiden have matching Happy Days tattoos as a reminder of their military service.

They got drunk in Moldova while getting visas for Ukraine.

They used to serve in Syria and would say “Happy Days” when things got tough.

This article originally appeared on Sun Reprinted with permission

first published as Horrifying before and after photos of Ukrainian soldiers captured by Russians

Horror before and after photos of Ukrainian soldiers after Russian captivity

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