Hospital Products Australia and Zebra Technologies real-time location services

Hospital Products Australia (HPA) and Zebra Technologies have partnered to offer real-time location services (RTLS), a solution that helps identify, track, identify, and monitor all patients, staff, and assets in your organization. I will. RTLS provides real-time data on the state and location of key assets, reducing the cost of physical asset loss.

Sensors and tags are placed on critical medical assets and devices. Workstations on wheels, medical tablets, patient blood bags, IV pumps, cardiac monitors, beds, wheelchairs, and anything else that affects patient outcomes. Discreet beacons and RFID readers automatically record the location of an asset or device as it moves, providing real-time visibility into all items.

Staff use HPA’s cloud-based customer service portal, RightNow, to instantly locate assets and generate detailed reports via Zebra’s Savanna software. Two-tier access gives staff visibility into all the important consumables they need, giving them more time to focus on patient care. Administrators can access utilization reports. This reduces unnecessary purchases of excess inventory while making it easier to monitor trends and orders before supplies fall below critical levels.

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