House of the Dragons and Kardashian Mashup: Targathian

She’s blonde, powerful, and has a very dramatic family.no it’s not Lenilla Targaryen – this is Kim KardashianOn the Sept. 22 episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” Corden and Kardashian teamed up to “Dragon House” And the “Kardashian” mashup — “Targassian”. Watch the funny video above!

In the parody, Corden is King of Westeros Keith Targasian. He is embroiled in a power struggle with his sister, Kim Targasian, who wants to take the throne. Everything is filmed like a famous family reality show and has a talker.

The satire also finds some amusing parallels between Kim Targasian’s life and the real Kardashian. shapewear,grayscale cosmetic, Dungeon Reform. Keith eventually goes to complain to his mother. Her mother, of course, is Kris Jenner, who plays Chris Targassian.

Chris Targasian, of course, is just as much of a Westeros mom.Kim Targasian poses for the painted cover of Joestar Illustrated, and King Keith recently graced the cover of Plague magazine. When King Keith gives his sister the “revenge body”, literally the corpse of her hater. baby sister chloe.

But just when the duo think their forces are safe, someone comes and kills them with an ax — Kylie Jenner as Kylie Targasian. She declared herself King Kylie (her longtime fans will remember that her social media handle was her), and after watching “Next Episode,” she became famous. sings a silly version of the “Rise and Shine” song.

The good news for fans of both “House of the Dragon” and “The Kardashians” is that both shows are now releasing new episodes. , Season 2 of The Kardashian Family It was released on Hulu on September 22nd.

House of the Dragons and Kardashian Mashup: Targathian

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