How Many Kids Does Jason Momoa Have?

When Jason Momoa have made headlines as late, given its citizens separated by Lisa Bonetit was recently relationship with Eiza González, and of course, his important role as “Aquaman,” not many people know about Jason Momoa’s children. On top of being a great actress, Momoa is also one of the cutest guys. The actor shows two children along Bonetthe she was married in 2017 after 12 years together and over 10 years after welcoming their first child. The couple adopted their daughter, Lola Iolani Momoa in 2007. The couple had their second child, Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa, in 2008.

Although Momoa and Bonet announced that they parted ways on January 12, both made it clear that their children were their number one priority. convince fans that they are “still family”. In addition, despite Momoa and Bonet’s reconciliation, Momoa is still a “papabear” for her granddaughter as well. “The Batman“Actress Zoë Kravitz, with whom Bonet joins the singer Lenny Kravitz: Do you want more followers?.

We have put together some of our favorite family photos of Momoa and her two children, which bear an uncanny resemblance to their famous husband. Meet Momoa children, Lola Iolani and Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha, and get a look at her favorite charms first.

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How Many Kids Does Jason Momoa Have? Source link How Many Kids Does Jason Momoa Have?

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