How to apply it correctly

Supermodel Kate Moss is an odd woman. Her ex-party girl now lives a clean life instead of dancing at the table for an all-nighter celebration, and uses sunscreen instead of curing a hangover in her morning routine.

“This is new to my regime: sunscreen,” says Moss, 49. US video trend Shows her skin care routine. “My daughter always tells me, ‘Mom, you have to put on sunscreen.’ I know it’s important.”

If you’re working indoors, sunscreen in the morning will Archives/Snapper Images

Kate Morris, founder of Australian e-tailer Adore Beauty, has had a head start at Moss and has made sunscreen a priority as part of her skin care routine for years. “Do whatever you want with your skin, but you have to wear sunscreen,” says Morris. “We’re in Australia, after all.” That’s part of why Adore Beauty’s first in-house product under the Lab label was an SPF50+ sunscreen with active ingredients.

Skin cancer expert Professor Adele Green is concerned that we are not using sunscreen correctly. She welcomes the new focus on SPF 50-rated skin care products, but still recommends using a dedicated sunscreen.

“Sunscreens are generally better than cosmetics, especially those with lower SPF and no water resistance,” says Green. “You are unlikely to apply the thickness necessary to maintain protection. If you apply the equivalent of a heaping teaspoon to your face, it will look quite thick. If you apply too thin, you will see it.”

With so much exposure, your face is the focus of your sunscreen. But there are two things people tend to forget when applying sunscreen.

“This is new to my regime. Sunscreen.”

Kate Moss, supermodel

“The tops of the ears can be a problem, especially for men who tend to keep their hairstyles short,” says Green. “For women, the neck is often neglected. Even if you take care to protect her face, you can still see a woman suffering from sunburn below her neck.” .”

If you’re working indoors, applying it in the morning is enough, but if you have errands outdoors or are doing strenuous activity, Greene suggests reapplying the sunscreen.

How to apply it correctly

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