How to find cheaper deals

But switching to a better energy plan is only part of the solution. To keep your bills low, Kirby suggests you should also make sure your appliances and homes are running as efficiently as possible.

“After climate control, heating water is the most energy-intensive thing in your home,” Kirby says. If possible, look for appliances with high energy or water efficiency star ratings—more stars are better.

“During hot weather, close curtains and make sure doors and windows are properly sealed to keep cold air from escaping.”

Australian energy regulator energy made easy The website is relatively easy to navigate. Before you use it, you should look at your recent few bills (preferably for a year) to get an idea of ​​how much energy you typically use in each billing cycle. For the best representation, the sum of each of the last four quarters should be summed to sum up the total usage for the year. This ensures that periods of high usage, such as winter months, are included.

Also, if you have the name of the current offer or tariff, you can check with your current dealer. You can also find your 11-digit National Meter Identifier (NMI) on the second page of your electricity bill. Incorporating this into your search allows you to make accurate comparisons.

You can modify your search by specifying additional details, such as whether you’re using a smart meter that provides digital readings or an older meter with a clock. You can refine your search by clicking settings such as monthly bills, no contracts, no withdrawal fees, no credit card fees, and more. You also need to search according to the number of people in your household.

The search engine also allows you to enter your current bill and electricity usage.

Once you have determined the cheapest deal, you should contact the retailer to verify your eligibility.

AER Chairman Claire Peredo

Claire Savage, chairman of Australia’s Energy Regulatory Authority (AER), said the energy bill will tell consumers whether they can get better deals with retailers by the end of September. As part of the regulator’s new Better Bills guidelines, a Better offer statement will be added to the first page of the bill.

“We know the energy market is complex and the rising cost of living is putting significant pressure on Australian households, so we are committed to helping consumers make gas and electricity the best possible deal. I’m trying to do that,” she said.

“By using the free and independent Energy Made Easy website, consumers can easily compare energy plans with real-world usage data and access resources to help them manage their costs.”

Energy usage made easy

  1. Have your electricity bill handy so you can use one of the EME search options. For the best estimate, we need 12 months of usage information.
  2. Understand the types of energy plans that may be of interest and filter results by EME. For more information on eligibility or to switch plans, please contact the relevant energy retailer.
  3. See if the plan suits you and your situation.
  4. Always read the Terms of Use.
  5. You have 10 business days (from the date you signed the contract with the new retailer) to change your mind and cancel the contract free of charge.

    Before signing or changing your energy plan, ask your sales representative:

    1. How long should I sign up for?
    2. What are my rights to cancel this contract?
    3. How can I cancel my contract?
    4. Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I leave early?

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How to find cheaper deals

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