How to keep things organized and save thousands

During COVID, decluttering is a national pastime, and spring is the perfect time to continue the trend. When you spend weeks or months at home, it’s easy to notice how much unnecessary “things” are around you.

Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, sock stuffing, op-shop search, garage sale treasures, online purchases for sale, retail therapy, group buying parties to support friends – in modern life we There are many reasons to end up with many things. Even as a simple person, there are too many things!

And as we go through different stages of life, ours change. Do I still need that little 00000 coverall that my Premy Baby (now 11 years old) once wore? Or is it a box of Pokemon cards that he thought was really cool five years ago? A giant stuffed minion toy that my boy was snuggling up to as a toddler? College Textbooks-Honestly, High School? Did you ever want to read Mandarin and German books? There are all sorts of things that no longer reflect my family and where I am now.

It may seem difficult to let go of things. You may want to keep things in case you decide to have another child. Kids remember toys that had been abandoned for a long time (Toy Story is too guilty. What if the toys have emotions?), Games played with brothers and sisters. Up, and something that holds memories. But today I’m going to share 7 ways you can save money by organizing what you no longer need in your life, and it will rock your world. Yeah, let go of that and watch the money fly.

Pay less rent to your staff

According to tidying coach Lauren Windsor, most Australians spend a fortune on storage, but their homes don’t have room to live as intended. She challenges her client by asking, “How much rent does yours rent to you?” Stop spending money on storage, renting, or mortgages for your own and keep only what you need.

Make cash using the clean space

Is there a spare room full of junk? I had one of them. I wiped it out, donated an item through the Buy Nothing Project group and ran it as Airbnb. Before COVID, I rented it for $ 100 per night. We only rented it every other week, but it still incurred an additional $ 5,200 a year. This has resulted in the payment of extravagant expenses such as ski trips and cruises. Organize holiday expenses!

Find money

Literally, leaking money is easy. Do you have coins or notes in your car dashboard, under the sofa cushion, in your pants pocket (yes, I washed some money in my time), or a receipt that can be used for medical or other refunds is there? Clean it up and you’ll find cash-I guarantee it! Lauren Windsor said members of the group program recently discovered a $ 100 gift voucher that they had forgotten while organizing. How much money can you find?

Find what you lost

As an adult, I remember my mother saying, “Clean up the room,” when I complained that I had lost something. Perhaps, of course, she was right. It was easy to lose things when my room was cluttered. You may not even know what you lost until you start tidying up, but we guarantee that you will find something of value.

Reduce duplication

Do you habitually buy the same item “just in case” when you already have it at home? It always happens. When your home is cluttered and there is no logical place for things, yours will proliferate and you will spend a fortune on what you already have. A friend recently shared that he discovered five bottles of cinnamon during cleanup.

Reduce stress and experience better health

Are you going to work so that you can live the way you want? please think about it. Where would you live if you didn’t have much? Are you spending your life commuting and spending a fortune on lost time and energy just to make a big place for your stuff? Clean up your life and spend more time on important things such as your health and well-being, time with your family, reading and learning, or side hustle in line with your values.


Give them to those who love them, rather than grasping those that no longer bring you joy. This year, we are intentionally aiming to present at least 1000 items. As I was tidying up, I noticed that a lot of great things were coming back. Whether I’m part of a shared group like the Buy Nothing Project, my friends literally enrich me through the experience I give them by giving me things back or just building relationships. For example, this week I gave a jigsaw puzzle to a woman who did exactly the same puzzle as her grandmother a few years ago. Knowing that made me really smile. Meanwhile, my neighbor gave me jigsaw puzzles on a regular basis, and another friend gave me high-end fashion clothes (from a friend in Melbourne). The other side of giving is receiving. When you give it from the bottom of your heart and receive it with gratitude, it creates magic.

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